What A Day That Will Be
Tracey Phillips and Jason Webb
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Recorded: 05/03/2007
Posted by orlandoola on 06/10/2007.
perfect harmonization. Appreciate your
singing sessions with mom as much as you
can, I live a million miles away from my
mom and I miss her. This reminds me of
the good ol days my mom, little sis & I
would do a 3-part harmony around the
Posted by aseanlady on 06/06/2007.
I have yet to tell everone who this is.

This is me and my wonderful mom, Pam!
We sing this together in the car alot,
along with a bluegrass CD. It's great
fun singing with mom, we've been singing
together at random times around the
house since I was 3 years old. I love my
Posted by bowl_freak on 06/05/2007.
Wow that was great, I loved it!
Posted by edawgg34 on 06/05/2007.
Nice chorus you two have got going!
Posted by Naz on 05/03/2007.
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