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Recorded: 06/28/2009
Notes: Never thought I would make a tribute to Michael Jackson one day....dancing ok, but this is the first time I try a Jackson song. And somehow, I did this to "de-stress"...
uh :) really good voice,sweet :)
Posted by ketooo on 09/30/2012.
Thank you =)
uh ? (sounds like you are disappointed
hahaha) Never mind: first contact is
always hard, and I don't consider this
song as one of my best eheh..)
PS: May I help you to discover the
[reply] button, so the person you reply
to will be informed by email.
Posted by misspronce on 10/01/2012.

Did I read "dancing ok"? Do you dance,
Posted by smabe on 03/15/2010.
Of course I dance !
Posted by misspronce on 03/15/2010.
you should totally do that song! That's
a kickass tune!
Posted by smabe on 03/15/2010.
T'à fait quelque chose de bien, chanter
une chanson de Michael, surtout
maintenant qu'il n'est plus avec nous.
Bravo comme toujours, étoiles pour toi
mon amie.A bientot.Ciao
Posted by tigressa on 07/03/2009.
Eh oui, j'ai essayé de lui rendre
hommage comme tant d'autres "midomiens",
ce n'est pas grande chose bien sûr,
mais c'était du bon coeur...=) Mercie
Posted by misspronce on 07/04/2009.
Hi Lara,
great contribution to the
Jacko-tribute! you sound very calm and
relaxed, good choice of song!
Posted by Heracleum on 07/01/2009.
hmmmm...me ?, very calm and
Posted by misspronce on 07/02/2009.
yipppeeee.. you give in! and a good one
too, Lara..
Posted by septem2080 on 06/30/2009.
Hi Dewi,
Thanks...it was a little bit unexpected
for me to do this, and it happened
thanks to your initiative for the
Jacko-fest ;)
So no much thinking this time but
quickly doing :)
Posted by misspronce on 06/30/2009.
Yes, same for me! (no thinking, quickly
Dewi was very "effective" with her
(simple) messages about the
participation in the tribute ;)
Posted by Heracleum on 07/01/2009.
I agree with Paty, you're not alone,
we're not alone!! keep singing Lara you
do it well ;)) *****
Everybody are singing Michael's songs
he was really good singer, dancer,
composer and coreograph...uff
BTW i use to dance him songs, but of
course, not like him... hehe..."I use to
be bad, but i don't have to be bad no
more"... WHO'S BAD?? pan, pan, pan, pan,
pan :))
Posted by Guillermo_ on 06/28/2009.
Oh thank you Guillermo, me to I adore
dancing on his music...dance, sing, be
bad if you want to but PLEEAAASSSSE :
don't be bad with me !!!;)
Posted by misspronce on 06/30/2009.
Haha...I never be bad with you Lara, you
are a very nice friend and you sing with
gran feelling!! ;)
Posted by Guillermo_ on 06/30/2009.
<3 <3 <3....:) so beautiful dear
Lara,you are in the "jakson festival"
Thousands stars!!! we are not alone!!
We are singing!!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 06/28/2009.
Thank you patty (hihi..you were first
again ;))...It is nice to see a lot of
friends contribute with a MJ song ! So I
did too !
After all, (and leaving all controversy
about his person behind...)he was a
great artist.
Posted by misspronce on 06/30/2009.
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