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Recorded: 04/23/2014
uhhhhh what could I say.. god! killing
me softly (but reallllyy softly, to make
this moment last as long as possible)
with her voice ^o^ *****
Posted by sparchead on 09/13/2014.
Awww my friend, you are so kind, thanks
so much! :) I enjoy singing this kind of
songs so sooo much and it makes me
happy it my friends enjoy it too! :D :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/27/2014.
When are you going to record an album?
And when you need a whistler, you know
were to find me...
I am very tempted to add some as I wave
lsitening to this little wonder...
Posted by Mike_P on 05/29/2014.
Hey Mike, don't hold it back, sucumb to
the temptation hehe We all want to hear
you whistling again.... sooooo...??? ;)
Hehe record an album, I don't think so
LOL but keep on writing the midomi
story with all of you, I do hope so!! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/07/2014.
Ufff esta canción te la he oido muchas
veces y nunca me cansaré de decir que,
qué bella es, y qué bien la cantas,
con mucho sentimiento, es raro ver
ribbons in the sky, pero alguien sí que
los ha visto cierto?
Posted by Guillermo_ on 04/30/2014.
:) :) :) Sí, ya sé que te la conoces
muy bien esta jeje
Gracias, cielo! Sí, "alguien" los ha
visto, casi igualitos que los de la
foto! Y tú sabes muy bien lo que
significa, eda? ;) "is not a
coincidenceeee" <3<3<3
Posted by Fallingsta on 05/02/2014.
Moni has been hunting Big Bear again :D
I mean, you keep finding/choosing big
stuff to sing and you perform it
perfectly well, with maximum of style
and quality... what else can I say than
the little word 'wow' ?
Peaceful and relaxing, it remains me to
the time when I was convinced that you
were a 'real' Carpenter :)
Oh and thanks to put my pic on the
cover hihi...can you see me? The little
blue one, in the corner right under,
swimming on the last ribbon in the
sk...oops, "sea"!
Posted by misspronce on 04/24/2014.
Haha well, sometimes I am a bit dumb
choosing my songs, lol, but I try to
follow my own advice... if you like a
song and you feel like singing it, why
not? ;) Thanks so much for such
encouraging words, Lara!
Oooh now you made me go back in time to
those early midomi days, with my dear
Carpenters... it seems to me it was
yesterday, but... how many years since
then? 5? 6? :-o
Mmm no Lara, you are not the blue one,
don't let your eyes (ears) deceive you!
Look for a bigger one heheh ;)
Bisous amiga!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/26/2014.
Moni, this song is perfect for the
"Revival" because it reminds me of one
of the big reasons I love Midomi so
much: We get to go back in time and
listen to great music with our good

Thanks for this one, Moni. A great
performance, as always. And an emotional
experience with you. ADitOs!
Posted by HowardH on 04/23/2014.
Ah yes, I know the feeling, when our
friends bring us a song back from the
past, sometimes a song we hadn't thought
about for so sooo long :)
I am so glad that you liked this one
and that it touched you somehow,
gracias! aditos miles Howiecito!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/26/2014.
Adoooorooooo!!!!!!! millones de
estrellas on your sky!!! BESOTES ERES
Posted by pagarvi on 04/23/2014.
Awww muchas gracias mi querida Patty!!
Yo sé que conoces bien esta canción!
;) besotes y abrazos!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 04/26/2014.
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