Beautiful Girls
Sean Kingston
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Recorded: 09/23/2007
love your voice :)
Posted by addicted89 on 03/28/2008.
very strong bass luv it
Posted by amosa on 10/16/2007.
nice voice!
Posted by stevenliou on 10/12/2007.
wow :)
Posted by nikii on 10/11/2007.
I agree with only1me, it's a bit
different to the original but it's nice.
A bit too slow for my taste, but nice
nun the less. Just wish you sang the
whole song tho, or at least another
Posted by NeYo on 10/10/2007.
wow, superb voice vaery nice keep it up
Posted by ShaluGopi on 10/10/2007.
a bit different from the original... But
very beautiful:)
Posted by only1me on 10/10/2007.
wow.... nice,,..
Posted by joshua14 on 10/10/2007.
that's pretty good .. why don't u do
Posted by Novacaine on 10/09/2007.
Wow, that was excellent! Sing more!
Posted by edawgg34 on 10/09/2007.
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