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Recorded: 11/26/2011
Notes: Yeehaaa! :D :D :D :D
Los dúos en midomi son la puerta para
continuar vivos*****Felicitaciones,
comlimenti, congratulations cara e dolce
Posted by pagarvi on 12/18/2011.
Posted by pagarvi on 12/18/2011.
Grazie Patri ^^
Posted by simmy on 12/22/2011.
Arieccomi all'ascolto simmi' ;)
Bella provola! Yeehaw!
Posted by Heracleum on 11/30/2011.
Wee Hera.. ti si rivede ogni tanto :)
Grazie :D
Posted by simmy on 11/30/2011.
Girl!!! :O There is NO limits for your
talent! :D - I came here to comment on
your performance, on your page, but I
simply HAD to listen to the song again,
wowowowow, it's wonderful! Of course, I
need it on my PL twice, because as I
could 'see', it's impossible to listen
to it only once, so... ;)
Yeeehaaaaw! Você se sai
maravilhosamente bem em qualquer estilo
musical, minha amiga! Me sinto
lisonjeada por ter conhecido alguém com
tanto talento como você, obrigada por
tudo! :D Maisss, por favor! Qualquer
estilo, qualquer música, não importa,
porque você domina magistralmente a
Música em si. ;)
Um grande beijo de sua fã,
Posted by diva-br on 11/27/2011.
Ewwww what a comment :)
obrigada por tudo, minha amiga :)
Posted by simmy on 11/28/2011.
Diva, I confess I like listening to this
one myself! (^_^)

Simmy Carter-Cash! So good!!
Posted by HowardH on 07/25/2013.
Yeh...wonderful you two!!!!!
Posted by rosamusic on 11/27/2011.
Thank you dear Gégé :)
Posted by simmy on 11/27/2011.
yeepieh yeahh .. it sounds good both
togheter.... howard a country star and
you simmy the country princess...
apropos i was in jackson , in the
90ies...its not far from the rocky
mountains ... ***** stars for this
Posted by chanteuse1 on 11/26/2011.
:D Thank you so much Daniela :) Happy
that you liked it :)
Posted by simmy on 11/27/2011.
Repeating what I just left in a comment
to Howie:
Nice collaboration with a great
fun-factor, fitting voices, clear sound!
A pleasure for the ears:)
Posted by misspronce on 11/26/2011.
:) Thank you Lara. Howie had really a
great idea suggesting this duet for us,
didn't he? :)
Posted by simmy on 11/27/2011.
Absolutely! I suspected that the idea
was 'his'...and he seems to have a good
estimation of your talent:) (Your
"Yee-haw" is sooo very natural!)
Posted by misspronce on 11/27/2011.
You sound like a real country gal,

Great job! I can really see you dancing
on that pony keg! (^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 11/26/2011.
"Say it out loud, man!"
Posted by HowardH on 11/26/2011.
Hahaha.. I discovered my country-side
just thanks to you :D

Posted by simmy on 11/26/2011.
Posted by HowardH on 07/25/2013.
You're up in the middle of the night
just to listen to this?? :)
Thanks Howinone ^_^
Posted by simmy on 07/25/2013.
I GOT YOU! JACKSON!!Yeehaa!! No joke
ok..I am doing this only to make you
Posted by koku on 11/26/2011.
Hahahaha.. thank you Kaushik ji :)
really appreciate what you sang here :D
Posted by simmy on 11/26/2011.
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