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Music is my life and my hobby. I like jazz and all good music.
How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?
Adam Berny
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Recorded: 03/02/2009
Notes: My playing, singing and recording
WONDERFUL made and wonderful singing
Posted by ewa154 on 08/26/2016.
Fits your voice!! Its nice *-*!! Great!!
Posted by Watashii on 05/03/2010.
Amazing voice, beautiful playing you are
great performer
Posted by bakra on 01/08/2010.
That,s really perfection singing and
your voice is amazing!
Posted by gmgs on 09/16/2009.
Posted by ADAMB on 07/31/2009.
Very good work ADAMB! Great song that
fits perfect in your voice! 5stars!
Posted by normar on 07/31/2009.
I love this song dear ADAMB, great
congratulations to your music, is
amazing, big hug ,God bless your hands,
voice, heart, all of you my friend.
**~~~!!! .....
Posted by pagarvi on 07/30/2009.
Posted by ADAMB on 07/31/2009.
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