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Age: 33
Hometown: Rome, Italy
About me:
Not the only one who plays piano!
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Recorded: 04/23/2007
Notes: For w00fdawg!
Oh you...Donvito: pretty thing!
Hai fatto davvero un'esecuzione
notevole. Sarà anche perché questa
canzone rimarrà tra le più belle del
mondo ma tu l'hai cantata da vero
"manico"! E invidio molto - bonariamente
- quel piano... Bravo!
Posted by Bed on 01/10/2008.
Donvito is hotstuff, Jazz (and he plays
those keyboards beautifully too). He is
definitely getting better!
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/24/2007.
You are so much kind w00f! Thank you so
much :)
Posted by donvito on 04/26/2007.
I think you're improving, you sound
absolutely great here! A 5 stars song!
Posted by jazzgirl on 04/24/2007.
Thanks jazzgirl :) Your comments are so
Posted by donvito on 04/26/2007.
Oh, adoro Bowie e tu lo interpreti alla
perfezione! e questa canzone è molto
Posted by puramnesia on 04/24/2007.
E' tra le più belle questa.. mi piace
troppo, grazie!
Posted by donvito on 04/26/2007.
Very cool Donvito, it's great to hear
you on the keyboards - and lovely to
hear that cracking chorus! I agree, this
is a very mad song ..... fun though :)

I give you a 5 - I do love you on the
keyboards :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/23/2007.
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