is in need of some honest ratings... hit me up wit tha stars peeps...lol
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Age: 36
Hometown: London
About me:
I live for singing and although I haven't had any formal training would love to pursue it...
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Recorded: 04/28/2008
Notes: I hope I did this song justice. x
wow amazing voice, you are very
Posted by jorden on 11/08/2012.
wow!! Beautiful voice sang a beautiful
Posted by Augel on 10/02/2011.
you have a strong great voice
Posted by Nourhanne on 08/17/2009.
Very nice! 5 BIG stars!!!
Posted by Cocoliche on 09/02/2008.
Thanx x x
Posted by loubougal on 09/06/2008.
your voice is so cool~~~
Posted by TTLOLI on 08/18/2008.
That's very sweet. Thanx x
Posted by loubougal on 08/18/2008.
ohhhh my god you are soo niceeeeeeeee i
love your voice
Posted by zannaa on 07/03/2008.
Thank u. x
Posted by loubougal on 07/05/2008.
yea you really rock the christina songs

this is a great rendition!
Posted by SummerDawn on 07/03/2008.
That means a lot. Thanx. x
Posted by loubougal on 07/03/2008.
good job! i like your voice! great
rendition... comment me back if you get
the chance :)
Posted by meena2931 on 06/29/2008.
Thanx ima check out urs now... x
Posted by loubougal on 07/03/2008.

WOW! you're so great! beautiful
voice...thanks fo sharing it with
me...with us... 5 stars for yah! baci...
Posted by Trishakira on 06/29/2008.
Thanx so much. x
Posted by loubougal on 07/03/2008.
so amazing voice!!!!!5 stars:o)
Posted by andy_cz on 06/29/2008.
It's beautiful... really..
Posted by septem2080 on 06/29/2008.
temting eyes,delightful mouth
Posted by emee on 06/29/2008.
Can u not post comments on physical
attributes please. It's about the music.
Do not appreciate that... even if it is
meant to be complimentary.

Please refrain from commenting on my
renditions if u have nothing to say
about the actual rendition.

Posted by loubougal on 06/29/2008.
5***** !! i´m impresseD x) !! kiiss
Posted by Lilly012 on 06/26/2008.
Thanx again for ur sweet words... x
Posted by loubougal on 06/26/2008.
ke bella voce ke hai!!!
Posted by Allena on 06/17/2008.
grazie x x x
Posted by loubougal on 06/18/2008.
I like All your performances!!!!
Posted by soffio on 06/17/2008.
Grazie mille. x
Posted by loubougal on 06/17/2008.
Great!! :)
Posted by Newhouses on 05/13/2008.
Thanx x
Posted by loubougal on 06/07/2008.
5 stelle strameritate brava ciaooooooooo
Posted by ricca on 05/12/2008.
Grazie x
Posted by loubougal on 06/07/2008.
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