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Recorded: 04/05/2009
Notes: Dediée à Kenza H
ciao, siccome sono un fan di celentano
ed ho sentito per caso la tua
interpretazione di stand by me
(pregherò), devo dire che a parte la
canzone in se hai un timbro di voce
caldo e gradevole all'orecchio e quando
canti si sente tutta la tua passione per
la musica perché trasmetti tanto,
incuriosito da ciò ho voluto ascoltare
altre tue interpretazioni che non so
perché ma riesci a trasportarmi
indietro negli anni dove cantare
significava passione, sentimento,
insomma si cantava col cuore ed infine
le tue piccole improvvisazioni sono
fantastiche. sei bravissima, peccato che
le stelline sono solo 5. non cambiare
mai il tuo modo di cantare, ancora
complimenti, ciao
Posted by revenge on 07/07/2014.
Awesome voice.
Posted by Solete on 06/04/2012.
fantastic ;)
Posted by A.Z.Babino on 05/01/2012.
I really like your recording of stand by
me, you should do more!
Posted by robotjox on 01/10/2010.
loool une marocaine yeahhh lol
Posted by BigLover on 06/25/2009.
En quoi celà est-il drôle? LOL
Posted by rim on 06/25/2009.
ben je suis marocain aussi... et y a pas
trop de marocains sur Midomi
Posted by BigLover on 06/25/2009.
by the way ur voice is amazing ;) 5
Posted by BigLover on 06/25/2009.
Ya Big aussi il a une belle voix!
Posted by rim on 06/26/2009.
And thanx for the compliment :)
Posted by rim on 06/26/2009.
wonder,wonder ...you are a a nice singer
i love this song,good luck
Posted by kryspaul on 05/21/2009.
Thank you!
Posted by rim on 06/19/2009.
Posted by big on 05/20/2009.
Thanks Big so much ! :D
Posted by rim on 06/19/2009.
5 stars :-)
Posted by rossella_5 on 05/07/2009.
thank you guys :)
Posted by rim on 05/07/2009.
You did an excellent job on a beautiful
song! I really enjoyed listening to
Posted by Conchita on 05/04/2009.
LOVE THIS!!!! 100************
Posted by ursulaeb on 05/01/2009.
If you love to sing be serious about it
go for the gusto and don't let anyone
get in your way! Stay with your parents
so you can afford to invest in your
Posted by klmmusic10 on 04/25/2009.
Oh you have no idea how serious I am
about it.... I LOVE singing.And each
time I have the possibility to sing in a
public place, I do...
Posted by rim on 06/02/2009.
Posted by vincentxie on 04/18/2009.
Your voice is really good!
Love the song, and you definitly have
the right tone for it.
Posted by rosemasque on 04/14/2009.
Golly!! i love it girl.. two thumbs up.
Posted by fopinky on 04/14/2009.
Gosh, your voice is just great!! ^_^
Posted by MahoCamui on 04/10/2009.
You've got SOUL, Rim! (^_^)
* * * * *
Posted by HowardH on 04/06/2009.
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