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Recorded: 09/24/2006
perfect, man!
Posted by Nathyf on 08/05/2012.
Like xD
Posted by k3lly7 on 02/25/2012.
Hi! Incredible voice!! I think you're
the best I've heard in midomi, should
succeed in the world of musica.besos
from Spain
Posted by Fume on 05/22/2011.
wonderful :)
Posted by sanicc on 03/02/2011.
I love your voice! :D so soothing and
sounds AMAZING :D wow! :D Keep singing!
Posted by marika_199 on 09/19/2010.
Posted by doworth on 08/29/2010.
wow... I love this song ... you did
great... God bless..... keep in
Posted by jamayz on 05/01/2010.
Good job!
Posted by 7.62mm on 04/18/2010.
You have no personal website? Singer,I
like your music
Posted by zhanglao3 on 04/13/2010.
ur amazing voice and u amazing guy.
Posted by mosalee on 02/06/2010.
wow. =) keep it up
Posted by furandes on 12/20/2009.
Well, what can I say I think everyone
has already told you that you got a
golden voice! I love it, I need it, I
want it.....oh sorry I got carried away!
Lol! To bad you dont have any music in
the back I would love to hear you sing

Ok Mr Golden Voice keep on singing.


Posted by Imagine73 on 10/07/2009.
Thank you Imagine! I look forward to
hearing your music as well!

Take care
Posted by DeeRock on 10/16/2009.
golden voice..! that's what you have ;-)
you're really good..! 5***** for you
:-) consider me as one of your fan now
Posted by dremariz on 09/30/2009.
Wow..Never heard the term "golden voice"
but I defitely like it! =) Thanks so
much for your compliment.

Posted by DeeRock on 10/16/2009.
I am definately a fan!!
Posted by NaNa18000 on 09/24/2009.
wow! u r sooo to hear it
over and over again:)
Posted by awit3878 on 07/06/2009.
cant help but admire u everytime i hear
this from ur
Posted by j08ustin on 06/12/2009.
this wasvsimply beautiful. i listened to
you three times. listen to mine and tell
me whaat you think
Posted by ambiwfield on 06/10/2009.
i'm in love with your voice.. waaaw!
Posted by Bebrayne on 04/14/2009.
I really enjoyed listening this song.
Very well sung:)
5stars for ya
and comment some of my songs too..ill
be happy :)
with love Lucy
and Marry Xmas:)
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/10/2008.
gotta leave you some love hehehe how you
been , its been a minute since i heard
from yah ;)
Posted by caliente82 on 11/21/2008.
wow u really rock ...!!!! ur voice is so
Posted by ihuiyh on 11/20/2008.
i love it...
Posted by zai_09 on 11/15/2008.
Great job! 5 stars for you.
Posted by angela_98 on 10/17/2008.
Beautifully done. I like the way you
blended Stevie's sound with your own
touch. True pro quality. Do more
recordings, please!!!:)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/09/2008.
great job, you're on your way...
Posted by goatea on 08/22/2008.
totally awesome!!!!
Posted by ini9141 on 08/20/2008.
wow.. your voice its beautiful...
Posted by ckarla on 08/19/2008.
Posted by Cocoliche on 08/19/2008.
Wonderful! Very very good!
Posted by colavshcky on 08/19/2008.
Congratulation... u are an angel...
Posted by Ro0o on 07/04/2008.
wow nice! ^0^
Posted by Imperatriz on 07/01/2008.
U make me cry! What a wonderful
performance! I can't even find words to
describe your voice, and how you work
with it, really awesome. But, i'm agree,
it's like listening to an angel.
Posted by Clavito on 06/30/2008.
omg... u sound reali fantastic..
Posted by QueeNie_D on 06/28/2008.
oh... i love it... you like Stevie
Wonder... Great Performance...
Posted by mimicvoice on 06/06/2008.
omg u sing like an angel
Posted by mrztigger6 on 05/29/2008.
Awesome sound!!!! 5*****
Posted by Zhilly on 05/11/2008.
So nice!!
Really I liked!
Posted by Oceana on 05/05/2008.
i love it more from you...i love
it!!!!!you rock deerock!!!
Posted by jessa_mae on 05/05/2008.
awww. i really love your voice. i think
i want to sing with you. duet? haha.
keep safe. smooches!
Posted by ada_07 on 04/24/2008.
You sing awesome! I loved it!!
Posted by xgalvis on 04/16/2008.
Hey yall =) Every chance I get I try to
post individual notes on the personal
pages of those who posted comments. I
truly enjoy listening to you guys/gals.
I unfortunately cannot get back to
everyone as I would like to, but a big
shot out of love to everybody here! I've
been tirelessly working on an album to
show my appreciation and I hope yall
like it.

One Love,
Posted by DeeRock on 04/14/2008.
nice job check my tears in heaven song
Posted by shmoo on 04/08/2008. was cool!!! i love ur voice so soothing and nice to hear..u
got the potential to become super
star...good job....
Posted by sammi_csy on 04/03/2008.
this is the one! what a voice!
Posted by sw33tl8dy on 03/03/2008.
Lovin ur voice.... x
Posted by loubougal on 03/03/2008.
omg! great
Posted by chemistric on 03/01/2008.
you have a really good voice!
great rendition!
Posted by punk_kitty on 03/01/2008.
Love your voice bro!!! Sounds like Luke
Mijares one of d artist...One
of my favorite song...when i'm sad i'm
singing this piece and sadness suddenly
vanished! hehehe More lovely songs
Posted by Trishakira on 03/01/2008.
hi're my american idol!very
talented...take care!
Posted by hiadie on 02/21/2008.
Perfect :-)*****
Posted by rossella_5 on 02/11/2008.
you are very have a music in
your blood!
Posted by soffio on 02/09/2008.
An Absolutely amazing voice!! That's a

American Idol, just as the X factor is
over here is more about making an
entertaining television programme than
it is about actual talent.

Without any doubt the one thing you
have in abundance is talent.

Could we hear some more of it please.

Posted by Medusajule on 02/04/2008.
Posted by jeleine on 02/03/2008.
Na prawdę masz świetny głos, zrób
coś z nim zainwestuj w niego a dalekoo
zajdziesz ;-)
Posted by szymajda19 on 01/30/2008.
WOW....Damn baby! thats one amazing
voice!!!...u shd be professional
man! a singer..wht if u were
rejected from Idol there are many ways!
dont give up..we all are with ya! best
of luck buddy
Posted by cutevoice on 01/26/2008.
That was amazingly perfect =) 5*s
Posted by rogue78 on 01/24/2008.
very beautiful voice!
just like stevie wonder
Posted by alva_banda on 01/22/2008.
god, was that you?!? impressive, wohoo!
Posted by calyx014 on 01/22/2008.
you're rejected by american idol?
Posted by ursulaeb on 01/21/2008.
gyaaaaaaa i love you!!!! very nice
singing man
Posted by ursulaeb on 01/21/2008.
very good!!...I like your voice!!!
5***** :-)))
I expect other songs!! kisses
Posted by incrit on 01/14/2008.
speachless! 5*****
Posted by Fallingsta on 01/12/2008.
yea.. veerry very wonderful voice... can
you teach sir? how to sing..
i am overjoy..plsssssss hehhehehe plsss
comment me back..
Posted by joshua14 on 01/03/2008.
i really love your rendition of this
song..... wish i have that voice
Posted by mr.jayar on 01/03/2008.
great voice!!!!! goosebumps on me!!!!!
Posted by mr.jayar on 01/01/2008.
Posted by andy_cz on 12/31/2007.
It is great!
Posted by romiromi on 12/28/2007.
you are great singer!
Posted by carry43 on 12/17/2007.
what a wonderful voice!
Posted by Allena on 12/15/2007.
well done
Posted by shadowmax on 12/14/2007.
Sing sing sing sing!!
Pleas comment me!!thanks
Posted by Shanya on 12/11/2007.
you are in my playlist man , i just
wanna say i do speak you language and
your speaking mine
Posted by big on 11/21/2007.
f'n awesome!
Posted by terrybrass on 11/17/2007.
Yeah you got the talent Overjoyed no
doubt. Big five to ya.
Posted by fonzie on 11/15/2007.
just fantastic man, cant fault
this!!comment and rate my stuff please
ur opinion wud be appreciated!!
Posted by hugheza on 11/11/2007.
Oh God!! Sing moree pleasee!! Your voce
is awesomee!
Posted by anyoner on 10/27/2007.
Hi!I'm japanese. I can't speak
I wanna be friend.
Posted by mongol on 10/04/2007.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ur the best in this web!
u should be an artist or making the
Posted by Liesee on 09/14/2007.
I love your voice. Wish I was as good
Posted by mushy on 08/15/2007.
oh,please sing a lot more, i love
listening to your song,youre really a
pro!!!!im overjoyed!!!
Posted by milky on 08/15/2007.
I Love it , It's fantastic ! Love your
voice !
Posted by 001-Milena on 08/06/2007.
OOO It's beautiful ..I Falling...:D
Posted by LuciaDrave on 08/06/2007.
you are truly blessed with a beautiful
voice keep searching for your dream
until it becomes a reality your
rendention was great!
Posted by ssongbird on 07/08/2007.
wow, i agree with everyone else, you
sound amazingly good. Stevie Wonder is
one of the Hardest acts to follow and
you sound almost exacly like him. You
should try out for American Idol next
year, you would win.
Posted by playboy on 07/04/2007.
........WOW!!!! ^_^
Posted by firefox02 on 05/28/2007.
Wow Bro! I added you to my favs!
Posted by gazelle on 05/25/2007.
GOOD! Very nice vocie! Do more songs!
Posted by minerva on 05/04/2007.
You are a GREAT! seriously, I like your
Posted by puramnesia on 05/04/2007.
you are wow...i cant even speak it was
that good!
Posted by kellykel on 04/29/2007.
que vozzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz cuando
cantamos una juntos!!!!!!!!!
Posted by lorarce on 04/20/2007.
you should allready be sighned to a
label w/a voice as powerfull as yours.
Posted by lilgurl on 03/25/2007.
I think I am in love..... wow
Posted by barnacle on 03/24/2007.
SOOOO beautiful. I loved it!
Posted by cursabia on 03/20/2007.
Posted by foolsme on 03/18/2007.
great voice i like it alot :) smooth
sweet :D
Posted by Blue-toxic on 03/07/2007.
What a great voice! Loved it!
Posted by Jennah_goo on 02/27/2007.
god...i wish I had a voice like that, I
can feel it in my soul
Posted by aznsanity on 02/24/2007.
Posted by ElisabethR on 02/24/2007.
Posted by ElisabethR on 02/24/2007.
Come on DeeRock put some more songs on -
love your voice.

What shall we do - go for some more

If you want a request list contact
Posted by suezcanal1 on 02/23/2007.
i love it when guys sing really good.
u sing really good!
omg thats so awesome.
Posted by alyssaj on 02/23/2007.
Its like listening to Stevie himself!
Posted by stmour on 02/23/2007.
great voice vote for my aunt lisamarie
and her sister miranda
Posted by cheer27 on 02/16/2007.
Great voice try out for americacn
Posted by dareu2move on 02/13/2007.
Truly amazing.
Great voice, and as close one can get
to Stevie Wonder himself.
Posted by Snapp on 02/11/2007.
nice job man, nice job man!
Posted by Jtoonice4u on 02/11/2007.
Excellent rendition
Posted by leowins1 on 02/11/2007.
we need 2 hear moreeee
Posted by bella_baby on 02/10/2007.
Yes please please do more songs!
Posted by Taraca on 02/09/2007.
do more songssssss
Posted by bella_baby on 02/09/2007.
Posted by jazzbella on 02/09/2007.
sounds great!
Posted by jennifer on 02/09/2007.
I like your voice stamp, your rhythm
and... your cracking fingers! Very nice!
Posted by Almachiara on 02/08/2007.
Can you please record more songs? I was
just introduced to this site and your
voice is intoxicating.
Posted by audio on 02/06/2007.
Many compliments :)
Posted by stevebi on 02/06/2007. have a beautiful voice
Posted by mzmelodie on 02/05/2007.
You've got a great voice, man.
Posted by sparx on 02/05/2007.
Awsome job! If you didn't make it to
american idol then the judges are no
Posted by laila on 02/04/2007.
ahhh ure so good.!
Posted by simplicity on 02/04/2007.
MMmmmmm....this voice could sing me to
sleep anytime! You are amazing! Good
Posted by jashaunte on 02/04/2007.
have you tried out for american idol
Posted by singerSTAR on 02/03/2007.
very good voice
Posted by compking on 02/02/2007.
Good Job! You sound great.
Posted by klhawk on 02/02/2007.
Wow, you nailed this song on point!!
Great voice! Adding you to my Favorites
Posted by HeAtHeR on 02/02/2007.
effortlessly resonant
Posted by saritalove on 02/02/2007.
Good stuff, Keep singing.
Posted by Redranger on 02/01/2007.
wonderfully amazing!
Posted by omnipotent on 02/01/2007.
why are you on should
already be in the stores.......great
Posted by lisamarie on 01/31/2007.
damn i likes i likes lol
Posted by LeTiCiA on 01/31/2007.
Thanks All. I really appreciate all the
love. I like the American Idol
comments..=) If only I made it when I
tried out. Keep up the love for music
and may god bless you all.

Posted by DeeRock on 01/31/2007.
great job man, amaaazing
Posted by saad on 01/31/2007.
Your voice makes me want to scream like
a fangirl. Amazing.
Posted by Lyss on 01/30/2007.
o my god that waz so good u can
Posted by Dana on 01/30/2007.
Will the real Stevie Wonder please stand
up....I can't tell between the both of
you. Can you please sing a song for me
Michael's Jackson's, "Rock with you".
Posted by gammy on 01/30/2007.
yea!! go on AMERICAN IDOL!!
Posted by sunnyonweb on 01/30/2007.
Posted by sunnyonweb on 01/30/2007.
very very nice. American Idol
Material!!??!! You will be in Hollywood!
Despite SIMON!

Posted by greg12750 on 01/29/2007.
That's a 10 in my book.
Sing another!
Posted by rico on 01/27/2007.
good job
Posted by mfswimmer9 on 01/26/2007.
spectacular voice
Posted by artur on 01/24/2007.
spectacular voice
Posted by artur on 01/24/2007.
amazing voice
Posted by marcy on 10/08/2006.
This is one of my favorite songs now.
Good job!
Posted by Keyvan on 09/25/2006.
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