really ought to go and practice her ukulele. She is feeling slightly despondent about it........
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Hometown: Llanelli, Dyfed, Wales
About me:
A year of singing in a choir makes me think I can't sing at all.
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Recorded: 05/01/2007
Notes: This is a gorgeous song written by the wonderful Buffy Sainte-Marie, Elvis did a heartrending version of this in the '70s. I hope you like my rendition, let me know if I need to redo it.
Strange to realize this was written by
Buffy Sainte-Marie! I've heard Elvis'
version before, but somehow knowing it's
Buffy's song puts a different spin on it
for me. (Can't say why that should be
the case.)

Weird. The line about "no beginning,
...no end" also rhymes with "bend", just
like in "How Glad I am".

Well done, w00f, and a great job you're
doing for the database. (^_^)
Posted by HowardH on 04/07/2009.
We both try, don't we? I should have
sung this under Buffy Sainte-Marie. I
know exactly what you mean about the
Buffy factor giving the words of this
song an extra edge.

Thanks for your comments, they are
always interesting :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/07/2009.
Thanks so very much ugogirl. This song
is so lovely and I loved singing it.
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/26/2007.
You have an absolutely amazing voice. I
love listening to you sing. It's just so
Posted by ugogirl on 05/26/2007.
Thank you for being so specific in your
feedback, I do love this song and in my
head it is a very gentle soft song - I
think you like that style Kevin. Thank
you for taking time to comment and
adding this to your playlist ....... (I
still have to rerecord that Liverpool
Lullabye, I haven't forgotten!).
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/03/2007.
This is nothing suprising, but I"m
always amazed at just how much a
difference that one's interpretation can
make a particular song sound different.
I really like they way you approach the
notes on this song - really gentle entry
that just draws one into the song. I'm
adding this one to my playlist!
Posted by kevin on 05/02/2007.
Thank you very much ron :) I am not a
huge fan of backing tracks, but I will
look into doing it sometime and have
made a note of that site. I just like to
come on here and sing my little heart
out without a lot of preparation! I love
it when people accompany themselves
though on guitar and keyboards though.
Still, I will have a go at a backing
track sometime - just for the hell of
Posted by w00fdawg on 05/01/2007.
You do have what can be a great voice.
Timing is everything in music. Have you
ever looked for music in vanbasco.com? I
get most of mine there, including
several different versions of ths song.
My favorite mp3 was Neil Diamond's. I
would love to hear you do it with a good
background. I think it'll be great.
Posted by ronfeilen on 05/01/2007.
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