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Age: 28
Hometown: Somewhere
About me:
I don't really use midomi anymore, find me on YouTube under the name "BTeAE" to hear my covers. Hope you like them ^^
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Recorded: 12/21/2007
Notes: This is just a part
Posted by 308387451 on 04/04/2012.
Thanks for everyone ^^
Posted by BTeAE on 03/21/2012.
Very Nice, I must say
Posted by Nightshadw on 03/16/2011.
Awesome! =) [²]
Posted by PsychoMe on 08/10/2010.
Posted by Kaov on 08/10/2010.
yes yes, you maitriz your voice,
beautiful !!
Posted by Aeleane on 08/28/2009.
The full version is coming soon..^_^
Posted by BTeAE on 05/31/2008.
Thank you so much for commenting :) I'm
very happy that you like it ^^.
Posted by BTeAE on 03/28/2008.
Posted by shell-bell on 03/27/2008.
Thank you :)
Posted by BTeAE on 03/27/2008.
Thank you =)
Posted by BTeAE on 03/03/2008.
really good!!!
Posted by szszgerda on 03/03/2008.
That's quite bad as I can hear
myself...I could do it better I think
But thank you.
Posted by BTeAE on 12/21/2007.
Simply cool
Posted by Zolijoker on 12/21/2007.
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