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Age: 58
Hometown: São Paulo, S.P. - BR
About me:
I'm just another music lover, with a 'crush' for WORLD Music... ;) - I'm a thunder-voiced-oldie, who sings completely...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 10/31/2011
Notes: Now one in Portuguese, for a change. :) ---<--<-{@
Now i am dancing on my chair here....O
que é uma grande canção e que é bem
feito .... todas as estrelas Holandês
estão a chegar ao Brasil ...Brava
Posted by rosamusic on 11/25/2011.
:))) Ah, meu querido amigo, obrigada
pelas estrelas Holandesas. :D - I'm so
glad you liked this song! :))
Danke je wel for the visit and comment.
Posted by diva-br on 11/27/2011.
So nice to be able to speak/sing in
different languages.
My only attempt at that was when I sang
Nessan Dorma by Andre Boccilli! Lol
Well done my friend.
Posted by fonzie on 11/18/2011.
LOL, fonzie, my lovely gentleman - the
fact is: I'm a biiiig pocket-face to try
songs in Languages I can't speak! LOL -
I wonder how native-speakers bear my
attempts! :O lol - This song is in
Brazilian Portuguese, the only Language
I can say I master, for it's my native
one, hahaha - You know what? Not even
the ones in English I can be sure that
they're sounding 'fine'... :/ - So, my
darling friend, take a deep dive into
unknown Languages, World Music, it can
be fascinating! :D Well, all in all,
it's the 'magic moment' that counts,
isn't it?! ;) - Pls, let me know of any
'new adventure' you decide to take, will
you? :P
Posted by diva-br on 11/19/2011.
Sabes mi querida angelita? su voz
cantando en portugués es una dulce
caricia para los oídos y el alma ^^
Gracias por este bello regalo, EAV
siempre, ever for
Posted by pagarvi on 11/02/2011.
Sus palabras são una dulce caricia para
mi alma, angelita querida. Gracias por
todo el amor que me dedicas... DTB, por
hoy y por siempre,
Posted by diva-br on 11/13/2011.
Bravissimaaaaaaaaaaaaaa la canzone
giusta per te ............... Stars and
play list
Posted by brusal57 on 11/02/2011.
Woohooo, grazie Bruno, mio amico! :D -
It's simply greeeat to have you back in
MiDoMi, my dear. :))) - I can enjoy your
videos at FB and enjoy your recordings
here as well. ;) - Grazie molto per
tutti, and a big bacio per te,
Posted by diva-br on 11/13/2011.
Ahhhh there couldn't be a better title!
:D O seu cantar é exageradoooo :D
hahaha.. great singing Diva, and welcome
back here!! :)
Posted by simmy on 10/31/2011.
Woohooo Simmy, grazie molto for coming,
amica! :)))
Wait, but you are learning Portuguese,
right? Then, let me tell you something
in reply to your comment, hahaha:
Sim, amiga, o meu cantar é
exageradoooo, lol, 'exageradamente'
ruim, infelizmente, lol - But being here
among such dear friends does pay off.
Posted by diva-br on 10/31/2011.
Ahahaha.. naoooo :D exageradamente bom
:) e você é exageradamente modesta :)
hahah.. just accept it :D

And feel free to talk to me in
Portuguese when you want, it will help
me learn faster :)
Posted by simmy on 11/01/2011.
Woohooo, é bom saber, amiga! :))) -
Mas... Espero que seja proveitoso pra
você, mesmo que o meu seja o Português
Brasileiro... :S
Se tiver dúvidas, por favor, diga e eu
traduzirei pra você, ok? In English, of
course, since I can't speak Italian...
Beijinhos, minha linda, e obrigada por
me deixar compartilhar seu 'Baa Baa
Black Sheep' com meus aluninhos, quando
souber da reação deles, eu te conto,
está bem? ;)
Um beijo graaande,
Posted by diva-br on 11/01/2011.
Não, não preciso a tradução :)
eheh.. o português é uma daquelas
línguas que compreenderia mesmo não
estudando-as (I'm not really sure about
this sentence :D), como compreendo o
espanhol, por exemplo (escrito, claro..
falado, não muito :D) e sono sicura che
anche tu capiresti l'italiano, un
pochino :P não é? :D

portugues brasileiro.. está bem :) I'm
studying "as variedades da lingua
portuguesa no mundo" right now, so it's
ok :D and please correct me if I made
any mistake :)

Você fala também alguns crioulos??
:))) li que há ainda muitos lá.. /:|
Posted by simmy on 11/02/2011.
Ops.. preciso *da* traduçao.. hahaha..
Posted by simmy on 11/02/2011.
Simmy, você deve ser daquelas alunas
amadas pelos professores, hahahaha...
Perfeita! :D - Português 'crioulo'?
Bem, vou ter que pesquisar sobre isso na
internet para saber se sei algo a
respeito, hahaha - escreverei dizendo se
sei ou não, combinado? Beijosss,
Posted by diva-br on 11/13/2011.
"...for a change" LOL.

Now this is what *I* call "world music"
You've got me chair-dancing with this
one, Diva-dahlink.
Ooh, look: This is a pretty popular
song; there are 16 other versions of it
here at Midomi. I'm liking it! (I bet
it's even better if one can understand
the lyrics, LOL.)
Posted by HowardH on 10/31/2011.
Buááá... I wrote a looong reply, but
when I looked at the screen to hit
submit, there was nothing written... :*(
- I don't know what happened. Ok, then,
let me write a bit of that again, haha.
Only after reading your comment, I
realized how much that 'for a change'
may sound funny, lol - World Music for
me is Music from places where the
Language spoken I can barely understand
or can't understand at all :/ - Yes, a
pretty popular song here, but you know,
sometimes it's better to only enjoy the
beat, especially when the lyrics is not
'that' wonder, lol
Posted by diva-br on 10/31/2011.
Here, for ex., we have a boy telling a
girl how much he loves her, admitting
that he can exaggerate in everything he
Posted by diva-br on 10/31/2011.
''Love of my life / From here to
eternity / Our destiny was linked from
birth / Cruel passion, uncontrolled / I
bring to you a thousand stolen roses /
Apologyzing for my lies and the foolish
things I do / And for you, I do
everything / I'll beg, steal, kill /
Exaggerated / Thrown at your feet / I'm
exaggerated indeed / Even in the most
ordinary things to me it's all or
nevermore / I adore an invented love /
I'll never breath anymore if you do not
notice me / I can even starve to death
if you do not love me / And for you I
leave everything behind / Career, money,
diploma / ... '

Posted by diva-br on 10/31/2011.
An invented love!!
The whole thing is far more than
exaggerated, isn't it.
How surprising!
Thanks for you lonnngg
reply, minha faladora.
Posted by HowardH on 10/31/2011.
...from places where the language spoken
I can barely understand...
Like, for me, Brazil! lol.
Posted by HowardH on 10/31/2011.
:))))) I do not doubt that you can learn
anything you feel like to, meu querido,
because you're simply... YOU. ;)
I'll be here always, just 'call me' -
wow, this 'Call Me' reminded me of
Luluzinha... *sighs* She was wonderful
in that song!
<chu> lol,
Posted by diva-br on 11/01/2011.
I told Lusi that you reminded yourself
accidentally (haha!) of her "Call Me". I
actually believe that this was one of
the things that got her to open a new
profile at FB. Because you are a bit of
a faladora and because you love your
friends so. <mwap!>
Posted by HowardH on 11/15/2011.
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