is looking for songs to sing
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Age: 32
Hometown: Egypt
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Recorded: 08/28/2015
wow!! ,,, sounds so good and
professional like. amazing
Posted by joshua14 on 09/06/2015.
Wait a minute.. Can anyone pinch me
please? Am I dreaming? Am I hearing
Dolly over music? Really! :)
Hey you rock, you're very very good
dear! I didn't know this song and now I
love it! ^^ The walkin bass is nice btw.
Posted by sparchead on 08/28/2015.
hahaha yeah and Finally !

Thank You ^_^
Posted by AliceDegon on 09/02/2015.
Hey lovely Dolly, there's a fundamental
rule here on Midomi: When you do such a
great performance, you MUST record
another rendition to please your fans :p
Posted by sparchead on 01/18/2016.
Fantastic! I love the sweetness and the
balancing moves of your voice and the
natural way of singing this song. I can
only repeat my likes in my vote and
declare that the songtitle must be
totally wrong :D
Posted by misspronce on 08/28/2015.
Thanks Lara , You're the best :)
Posted by AliceDegon on 09/02/2015.
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