Well, time to sing ... maybe
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Age: 54
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Recorded: 06/15/2014
Notes: This was supposed to be a duet (long ago) but the project never completed so I decided to finish it solo. (I dont like unfinished work) Hope you like it so. Mike
Oi! Hey Mike, I see the good ol' midomi
still has friends delivering such
excellent renditions!
Now this is how to tame this song and
make it sooo pleasant to listen, no
strain, very soft!
Posted by Heracleum on 06/24/2014.
Even as a solo, this sounds great! Your
partner really missed a good chance
Posted by simmy on 06/20/2014.
Hi Simmy

well to be honest, the partner received
a very bad track from me to start with.
not very encouraging.

But anyway, as Howie in fact, I have
several unfinished work and I hate that.
So expect a few more as I soon have some

Thanks for the support,
Posted by Mike_P on 06/20/2014.
It's good you didn't let this project
languish uncompleted. This is great!

I wish I had your drive for completion.
I have far too many half completed solo
projects and duets scattered around. I
should come listen to this one when I
need inspiration.
Posted by HowardH on 06/17/2014.
Hi Howie,
many half completed?
At work man, right away.
easy, you only have half a work to do
to finish one of them ;)
or mix them together and make a
thanks for the visit and the stars
Posted by Mike_P on 06/20/2014.
One more time a wonderful singing my
dear Mike, perfect music, voice and
whistle :O)
I am feeling a big pleausure listening
your song ********
Abrazos querido amigo y graaacias!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 06/16/2014.
And one more time a wonderful comment
from a wonderful friend from the other
side of the world.
thank you so much Patty
Posted by Mike_P on 06/20/2014.
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