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Recorded: 05/13/2010
Notes: Hi Friends, still trying to progress with Italian songs (hope the Italian midomians wont get heart attack...). Again, I did benefit from the coaching of the same very good, patient and friendly Teacher... Simmy. But this time Simmy did not only helped me with Italian, she also contributed to the song, as you will soon realise this is a DUET ... and SIMMY is absolutely GREAT IN FRENCH (yep, the challenge for the both of us, we did swap languages). VOTE FOR SIMMY!!! The original duet is with Andrea Bocelli and Helene Segara and can be found here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xUqeWrSgLco __________Mike
Hey! What a lovely duet here =) Mike's
voice/Italian is perfetto and you Simmy,
in french.. I lost all my words! Petite
cachottière va! Now I know the memories
you talk about! ;) A bunch of stars for
you friends.
The next step would be to come all
together and sing 'We are the world'
haha ^^
Posted by sparchead on 01/31/2016.
Don't. Even. Mention.... We Are The
World :| :| don't you even :|

Posted by simmy on 02/01/2016.
Haha it's a lot of work and a great
challenge, for me at least, but I'm not
sure to be able to do any part of it
anyway :p
Posted by sparchead on 02/01/2016.
Posted by liarjia on 12/06/2012.
Posted by liarjia on 12/06/2012.
May 2010 ...where was I then?
How did I miss this lovely duet?
It's fun to listen to you two switching
Nicely done. *****

Mike, your vocal range always amazes
me. You can sing quite high, but you can
get those low notes too. Ch'uis jaloux.

Sim, I don't remember that your
microphone sounded like an old intercom.
Just a year ago?
Posted by HowardH on 06/29/2011.
Really? So you also don't know of Hera's
jokes about this, right? My recording of
"Se Citofonando" was based on this fact:
the original song is titled "Se
Telefonando", but after Hera's idea, it
became a "citofono" song :P
Posted by simmy on 06/30/2011.
29 June.... where was I...
Thank you Howie
"My range"?... reminds me I prepared
something for you and did not finished
it yet.
Mmmm this to do list is getting bigger
and bigger...
Will see...
Ciao ;)
Posted by Mike_P on 07/22/2011.
Oooh, looking forward to hearing what
you're working on, Mike.
(You ought to see my "To Sing" list. If
I keep plugging away at the rate I've
been recordings songs, I should have all
of them sung by 2034 or so. (@[email protected])
Posted by HowardH on 07/24/2011.
Michhhh un frenchMike- bocelli avec Ma
cher Simmy!!!
C´est une MERAVIGLIA!!!
Mon amour est avec vous!!!
Posted by pagarvi on 05/22/2010.
A wonder? whaw... you must be speaking
about Simmy...; )

Thank you Patti,
Mikecelli and Simmygara
Posted by Mike_P on 05/22/2010.
Posted by giglio on 05/14/2010.
hi Liliana,
So happy to see you here.
And your opinion counts a lot for me
here as it is an Italian song...
You made my day!!
Posted by Mike_P on 05/16/2010.
beautiful and good contribution both :)
.i could have done it ^_^ ;) ;) ;) in
french and in italian as well :) only if
you have requested but you didn't lol
any way................
*****for both :)
Posted by sweetsoni on 05/14/2010.
Hi Sonia,
No doubt, I am sure you could have done
But if you play several characters,
doing both French and Italian.... what
would be my role? ;)
Thank you for the visit and the star,
Posted by Mike_P on 05/16/2010.
O.M.G! What can I say about this duet???
Only one word: PERFECT!!!!!

Posted by Rayo on 05/14/2010.
Hi Rayane,
Perfect? Not really ... but I admit I
am proud of the result.
Simmy is absolutely great in Helene
Segara. Really amazing.
I'll come back to my own page to listen
to this one again ... hehe... a bit of
Posted by Mike_P on 05/16/2010.
You MUST be pround of this, Mike! And I
insist that it's PERFECT!!!!

Posted by Rayo on 05/17/2010.
Talking about narcissism.... :)))
Posted by simmy on 06/29/2011.
Well indeed wonderful singing
Superbe chanson et encore plus superbe
Posted by rosamusic on 05/15/2010.
haha, hello Gege.
I find you here just after I listened
to your duo with Patty.
Great Midomian weekend!
Thank you for your support.
Posted by Mike_P on 05/16/2010.
I can't count how many times I listened
before hitting my keyboard now...
I could 'feel' something was 'in
preparation' but never could imagine
such an impressive result !^^
"The" Classic...wow, such a nice voice
match ! And lol : FIRST intercom-duet at
midomi hihi...:)))
Gooood Job both of you !!! ***** and
Posted by misspronce on 05/14/2010.
Però Simmy, senti come suona meglio in
inglese? "intercom".. vuoi mettere con
"citofono"? :D

((i'm pointing out how 'intercom'
sounds definitely more.. 'cool' than the
italian word for it :) ))
Posted by Heracleum on 05/14/2010.
Hi lara,
Impressive result?
I recommend listening at Simmy's page
(I know you did, this is for other
readers...) as quality is better
there... although the Citofono effect
is still present.
(or rather the Simmytofono/Mike effect
But this will get fixed I'am sure.
Posted by Mike_P on 05/16/2010.
"Simmytofono" sounds nice ...lol :D
Posted by misspronce on 05/16/2010.
Great achievement Simmy.
Love your part in French
yep, this was a great idea and slightly
different from existing versions. (there
are so many very good ones on midomi....
but not the Italian/french version hehe)

Ready for next one...?
well... don't know,
I will check the clock first ;)
Posted by Mike_P on 05/16/2010.
A-haaa I discovered this by chance (sure
not -yet- appeared on midomy updates)
just because I noticed Mike's status
"Vivo!" that also worried me a bit I may
say :D : it looked to my italian eyes
like you just survived from something
very dangerous :O maybe one of your
adventures in some forbidden temple.
But fortunately it's because of this
fantastic Duet with teacher Simmy. Ah I
love you together! Wonderful voice
match, although you sound like Mike is
calling Simmy at the intercom :D :D but
she's now used to these 'boutades' about
her mic ;)
Looks like I'm the lucky first
Posted by Heracleum on 05/13/2010.
Oh yess first! I managed to beat Rayo
this time ;) tiè :p

Btw I still cannot see the same
recording in Simmy's page though...
Posted by Heracleum on 05/13/2010.
Hi Hera,
Don't know what happened. the intercom
must be broken ;)
Simmy told me to upload so I did. I
expected she would upload too... will be
for tomorrow surely.
And by the way, on midomi we both sound
like using the same intercom. I found
how to improve MP3 sound quality but my
uploads almost always suck...
It looked to your Italian eyes... Sorry
I worried you.
How does is sounds to your Italian
ears? Good student?
Posted by Mike_P on 05/13/2010.
And thanks for PL and vote.
Posted by Mike_P on 05/13/2010.
Ah no no, recording quality is OK, not
bad at all.
Oh oui, veeery good student, excellent
results (amazing 'R's too! but hush-shhh
shshht let's not say this aloud ahah)
Simmy couldn't fail, teaching and -whew,
why do I even mention?- singing!
Posted by Heracleum on 05/13/2010.
Ah no no, being lazy is my absolute
exclusive and sole right, record this on
your page as well.. NOW! :D
Posted by Heracleum on 05/14/2010.
*Urgh* ehm.. possiamo cambiare discorso?
:D (blocco allo stomaco al solo leggere
alcune parole sull'argomento dolente :P)
Oh prima mi fai dormire all'addiaccio
accanto al portone, poi mi svegli con
una malloppata di coperta, poi mi
blocchi la digestione con 'keyword'
dolenti.. :D ma insomma!
Posted by Heracleum on 05/14/2010.
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