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Recorded: 03/25/2010
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tienes una voz muy tierna de verdad
tienes mucho que ofrecer
Posted by garratha on 02/06/2016.
Posted by tradeadjus on 12/20/2015.
Witam czy zna ktos tytul tej piosenki?
to jest z filmu 22 minuty
Posted by mala25 on 12/16/2015.
Posted by gregneto on 05/20/2015.
Posted by gregneto on 05/20/2015.
muito bom....
Posted by Shillya on 05/17/2015.
Posted by jean0414 on 04/10/2015.
Posted by jinxianyao on 02/24/2015.
Posted by wolailele on 10/28/2014.
Posted by oreon on 10/24/2014.
Very very good song !!! Beautifull :D
Posted by Theo30 on 10/10/2014.
Posted by Theo30 on 10/10/2014.
Posted by Renatotum on 08/22/2014.
Posted by onorato on 06/12/2014.
Posted by DeadHambe on 06/07/2014.
Posted by XUXIAO1 on 05/26/2014.
Posted by MR.DOU on 06/02/2014.
Posted by maoxiaodou on 07/28/2014.
Posted by Mentor on 07/29/2014.
Posted by cs163 on 08/19/2014.
Posted by 5456456 on 10/04/2014.
a bit far from the mic
Posted by intrinsic on 05/21/2014.
sounds like taylor swift, nice voice!!
Posted by joshua14 on 03/17/2014.
na ja geht so
Posted by mileytipto on 03/16/2014.
Posted by mileytipto on 03/16/2014.
Posted by mercury888 on 01/27/2014.
Great song and great singing,how do i
get mine rate
Posted by falconchuc on 12/29/2013.
Posted by Uzro on 12/08/2013.
Posted by welder2013 on 11/22/2013.
Posted by nicotto30 on 11/19/2013.
Sweet .-.
Posted by Jucele on 10/27/2013.
Posted by 1010904132 on 10/06/2013.
wow!!!!! :)
Posted by keepsingin on 09/30/2013.
Posted by DonHanson on 09/28/2013.
Posted by 982836373 on 08/29/2013.
u suck please
Posted by DeadHambe on 07/20/2013.
nice voice!!
Posted by Littlemina on 07/13/2013.
Amaaazing :)
Posted by Nikitinka on 06/30/2013.
hey there is a music <you can run>
Posted by illjy on 06/26/2013.
So Sweet ! ;) Come check out my covers
too :p
Posted by Feelings on 06/17/2013.
How can I do some records by MIDI format
Posted by Alexxxxx on 06/01/2013.
как записать мелодию
с клавиш?
Posted by Alexxxxx on 06/01/2013.
Posted by wu123456 on 06/01/2013.
wow amazing come check out my cover of
this song
Posted by hmadsen on 05/28/2013.
good job girl!! five stars
Posted by joshua14 on 05/25/2013.
Posted by sandeepbha on 05/04/2013.
tu la grabasteee?????
Posted by garrraman on 04/30/2013.
Posted by CaptainJac on 04/23/2013.
I like you very much. Although I am a
Chinese girl, I hope you come sing,
Posted by a263410784 on 04/12/2013.
Cute melody~coooool
Posted by leely on 04/04/2013.
Posted by guohong88 on 04/03/2013.
so nice
Posted by plumner on 03/28/2013.
beautiful ,Ilike it .
nice to meet you ,I'm chinese man
Posted by vanloyal on 03/22/2013.
beautiful voice []
Posted by mehmathers on 02/15/2013.
gr8 singing... i love this song...
..this is a very touchy song...and you
have mixed emotions to this song with
your beautiful voice to a nicety....Very
very enjoyable performance.u have put
all ur expressions very well...keep it
Posted by Jaiideep on 02/03/2013.
I liked the
song ..........and the way you sing it
like you :-)
Posted by Djklmo on 01/19/2013.
me ha gustado mucho la
Posted by Djklmo on 01/19/2013.
You should work on your timing.
Posted by seger8 on 01/06/2013.
Posted by hrsimmonds on 01/02/2013.
I am a Chinese student ,I like a feature
of the song but can't find.
If you can help me, I will thank you
very much .
Posted by hqjlovems on 12/24/2012.
Posted by trikala on 12/21/2012.
听不懂= =。。。
Posted by cqy357 on 12/09/2012.
not bad
Posted by mh1992 on 12/09/2012.
hola! you speak spanish.... en fin,
cantas muy bien, creo que has progresado
bastante, ya que me di el tiempo de ver
grabaciones antiguas tuyas, y la verdad
se nota que tienes mas tono de voz,
realmente cantas bonito, y se que es un
gran talento que debes poner por sobre
ti, saludos...
Posted by nathitha on 11/05/2012.
not bad
Posted by Essie.Wong on 08/27/2012.
Beautiful voice with nice diction. You
sing well.
Posted by webdesign2 on 08/16/2012.
Posted by Djlitox on 07/29/2012.
Posted by petrika on 07/21/2012.

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Posted by giftbaby4u on 07/12/2012.
Posted by Jadenotes on 06/21/2012.
Canta muito
Posted by AlissonII on 06/21/2012.
show, parabéns
Posted by pelige on 06/21/2012.
perfecto muy linda voz
Posted by 0gamegift0 on 06/16/2012.
Posted by mohammad_9 on 06/10/2012.
what is this song please
Posted by buou82 on 06/10/2012.
Posted by pelige on 06/21/2012.
Posted by pelige on 06/21/2012.
Great 太棒了
Posted by jiakuan on 06/10/2012.
nossa que voz linda !
ours that beautiful voice!
la nuestra, que hermosa voz!
Posted by lucasxp32 on 06/08/2012.
what is this song please
Posted by aezakmi on 06/04/2012.
this is "fffffffuuu funny" LOL
Posted by amja on 11/09/2012.
Posted by Hootowl on 05/28/2012.
BONITA VOZ juvenilex
Posted by larr on 05/27/2012.
Jadore ta voix , tu chante trop bien !!
Posted by anacheval on 05/18/2012.
linda voz
Posted by Debora422 on 05/11/2012.
hello i just wanted to say you have a
good voice
Posted by jrvillalva on 05/08/2012.
The voice sounds good, but the lack of
Posted by zq6815 on 05/08/2012.
nice voice
Posted by zhiyuanli on 04/23/2012.
visit my singss..
Posted by camila_bg on 04/19/2012.
so cool~~~
Posted by beibeihai on 04/13/2012.
Posted by juvenilex on 04/08/2012.
Lol, that was an accident.. sorry! I
don't know how to delete it.. but please
listen to my other songs too! Preferably
my newer ones! <333
Posted by juvenilex on 04/08/2012.
ur voice is very nice
Posted by NattLopes0 on 04/07/2012.
Posted by yyeisure on 03/22/2012.
wow just wow
Posted by areej on 03/11/2012.
Posted by Srta_Moore on 03/09/2012.
Hi , You Like Indian Hindi Songs and
Music ?
Posted by chintu955 on 02/23/2012.
GREAT voice ^^
Posted by lovely-gir on 02/11/2012.
Cant believe some artists these days are
so famous by singing awfull things, and
people like you, that are quite! more
gifted are unknown, anyway girl, my
congrats to your voice and I hope seeing
you round some show some day! You´d
really deserve it! ♥
Posted by Princess94 on 02/04/2012.
Posted by werica on 01/31/2012.
Posted by ee486110 on 01/26/2012.
not bad! and i cant believe you comment
back on most of these comments
Posted by goose237 on 01/25/2012.
Haha thanks. and I try to! :)
Posted by juvenilex on 02/03/2012.
amazing voice :)
Posted by dattz on 01/17/2012.
thank you!
Posted by juvenilex on 01/21/2012.
sweet voice
Posted by zhuoer_12 on 01/11/2012.
Awh thank you :)
Posted by juvenilex on 02/03/2012.
Posted by hqsuker on 01/03/2012.
Posted by juvenilex on 02/03/2012.
ur voice is soo nice.. you sing very
good... I'm terrible singing... well,
not much.. can u plz check my channel..
coment honestly.. c:
Posted by giovana_tr on 01/03/2012.
hahaha well thank you (:
Posted by juvenilex on 02/03/2012.
u sig very very good!.. can you plz
check my channel.. im new
Posted by giovy_XD on 12/21/2011.
thanks! and okay!
Posted by juvenilex on 02/03/2012.
can you please check out my channel(:
and comment honestly
btw: yur so gooodd
Posted by soccer14 on 12/15/2011.
very nice
Posted by onlyzhou on 12/13/2011.
thanks :)
Posted by juvenilex on 02/03/2012.
Posted by lreed on 12/12/2011.
thank youuu:)
Posted by juvenilex on 02/03/2012.
Hey everyone! I would love it if you all
could please check out mine and my
sisters channel 'BrooknJojo'.

Thanks so much! :) <3
Posted by juvenilex on 12/11/2011.
Posted by anatane on 01/12/2012.
nice voice!
Posted by Carol_BA on 12/04/2011.
Posted by juvenilex on 02/03/2012.
норм )))
Posted by vibis on 12/01/2011.
Posted by red-tea on 11/29/2011.
Posted by liufeichun on 11/20/2011.
Posted by chilitbmeh on 11/18/2011.
wow ur amazing!!! :) i wish i cud sing
like that!!!!! this is my fail
attempt... :(
Posted by lcan on 11/18/2011.
yes like very good ,,i am fasista
Posted by fasista on 10/20/2011.
very good pretty
Posted by fasista on 10/20/2011.
Posted by licue on 10/14/2011.
beautiful voice
Posted by jacktekila on 10/11/2011.
Posted by siberia00 on 10/03/2011.
Very gorgeous!
Posted by kymmberlee on 09/27/2011.
Posted by juvenilex on 10/01/2011.
hello pretty you eres pretty
Posted by fasista on 10/20/2011.
<3 You're Flawless
Posted by AmandaKaye on 09/27/2011.
thank you! (:
Posted by juvenilex on 10/01/2011.
Wow ! you have a sweet voice!
Posted by joshua14 on 09/18/2011.
thanks! it means alot!
Posted by juvenilex on 10/01/2011.
. ^_^ .
Posted by joshua14 on 10/04/2011.
hello who sing this song please help me
quien canta esta cancion
Posted by josemj on 09/09/2011.
Originally Colbie Caillat.
Posted by juvenilex on 10/01/2011.
Ugh, nevermind. I thought you were
talking about THIS song. Sorry!
Posted by juvenilex on 10/01/2011.
" have a beautiful voice.This is
the first time that I listen . Keep it
Posted by Jharris on 09/08/2011.
I'm New on Midomi ..this is the first
song i listen here .. nd I L0ve it ..
it's very good
Posted by FabLim on 09/06/2011.
congratulations! You are a very, very
good singer! I Loved.
Posted by BelieberA. on 08/31/2011.
Please help me find this song
song。thank you!
Posted by Music1981 on 08/30/2011.
Posted by josemj on 09/09/2011.
this is really good(:
please listen to me
Posted by soccer14 on 08/27/2011.
Posted by jsxh on 08/25/2011.
I can't reply to everyone but I do
appriciate your comments very much!
Thanks everyone.. :) you can send me
requests if you like.
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
Posted by ramo62005 on 09/06/2011.
that was good keep it up!!
Posted by shk33bg on 08/11/2011.
thank you. :)
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
Posted by KBKB10 on 08/09/2011.
thank you sweetheart. :)
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
Posted by mjrosse on 08/07/2011.
you're awesome.
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
love you,-,
Posted by THW on 07/31/2011.
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
great Jody , you have that best voice i
ever heard
Posted by didodream on 07/25/2011.
Awh, thank you!
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
u are so sweet. i like your song
Posted by lovestory on 07/23/2011.
Thanks, I like your comment. :)
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
wow :)
Posted by Soffel123 on 07/17/2011.
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
Your voice is great
Posted by mySong on 07/13/2011.
oh my god you have a great voice!
Posted by tiffatoxic on 07/09/2011.
thank you!
Posted by juvenilex on 08/22/2011.
?QQ446273611 CHINA
Posted by li44627361 on 07/06/2011.
Posted by 943xxx on 07/04/2011.
Posted by uig on 07/04/2011.
A person listen to songs
Posted by tangzhuo on 06/28/2011.
Posted by rarjec on 06/05/2011.
Posted by Strycora on 06/07/2011.
Peugeot really long, my voice is good,
Keep up the good! Little sister
Posted by z252249632 on 05/31/2011.
oh wow.u sound gr8!
Posted by emingzhu on 05/27/2011.
Posted by wuweijie on 05/27/2011.
your really good(:
Posted by soccer14 on 05/25/2011.
it's good !
Posted by marioland on 05/24/2011.
Gr8 Job Gurl!
Posted by azka4681 on 05/23/2011.
Posted by Paniago on 05/22/2011.
great job
Posted by DaliaAly on 05/21/2011.
Posted by LuumaT on 05/15/2011.
very nice,baby!
Posted by nicekiller on 05/13/2011.
Posted by KBKB10 on 05/15/2011.
I like the song in your interpretation
very much (: Keep going on!
Posted by sylke on 05/12/2011.
Posted by z_style on 05/11/2011.
voice is pretty good
Posted by zqssdfz on 05/10/2011.
really nice voice:) like it:))
my voice is horrible:| your really
Posted by ani2310 on 05/07/2011.
Posted by ebdubz on 05/05/2011.
Posted by sitomoi on 04/21/2011.
Posted by s101811707 on 04/04/2011.
I think you have a nice voice but try to
sing with more heart and try to sing
louder and stronger than it sounds much
better ;P
Posted by Sabse on 04/13/2011.
Good job. Yu have a nice tone, and you
have good pitc, but yu don't really have
a big range. Try to do more songs that
go up and down.
Posted by xKyli on 04/02/2011.

<a href
Posted by angelchua on 03/19/2011.
Posted by onspin on 08/29/2013.
u were the first sing that i heard
here... i realized u have a future with
music, go on girl
Posted by musicianrj on 03/09/2011.
Thanks everyone!
Posted by juvenilex on 03/05/2011.
My wife just joined the site, her name
is sanicc she needs some listeners :)
search for At Last by Etta James and see
what you think :)
Posted by Syde1020 on 03/04/2011.
you are really good(: keep up the
Posted by eminemlove on 02/27/2011.
I love your voice~ it's very nice!
Posted by ww9 on 02/26/2011.
Posted by gadaingan on 02/21/2011.
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Posted by KBKB10 on 02/19/2011.
1. kiss your hand 10 times 2.say your
crush 15 times this 2 times
Posted by KBKB10 on 02/19/2011.
hmmm.. what was this all about KBKB10
Posted by joshua14 on 10/04/2011.
Bonita voz
Posted by tal_jose on 02/15/2011.
love ya voice~hahhh~
Posted by aaronorang on 02/15/2011.
Posted by maravilla1 on 02/02/2011.
A M A Z I N G :-)
Posted by minq on 01/30/2011.
Posted by YUKICHAN99 on 01/29/2011.
pretty voice ! god singing ! please post
this and go to
Posted by waldi on 01/23/2011.
amazing voice :)
Posted by angeeey on 01/23/2011.
impresive! I love your voice!
Posted by I.Tony on 01/18/2011.
Posted by chenmoyuan on 01/07/2011.
pretty you have QQ number???
Posted by FILA1987 on 01/06/2011.
that's really good..
Posted by Rayan_88 on 12/30/2010.

Posted by zjl1943 on 12/29/2010.
Posted by piamay on 12/20/2010.
Posted by xcjc on 12/18/2010.
you are chinese
Posted by nlightzh on 12/18/2010.
Posted by vv10021348 on 05/26/2013.
I love the voice!
Posted by Kuromiyaya on 12/17/2010.
you have a good voice you could be
someone in the world of music if you
work hard! ;)
Posted by giodimagio on 12/10/2010.
Posted by vivi2011 on 12/03/2010.
I like very much your voice. I'm 13 and
if want visit my profile :) I'm
Posted by Patri97 on 12/01/2010.
声音不错 ,
Posted by ____king on 11/21/2010.
nice voice
Posted by yellowhpl on 11/22/2010.
your voice is so nice, seriously, you're
very good
Posted by jeahm on 11/04/2010.
Posted by TNNA on 11/06/2010.
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. :D
Posted by JulianaS. on 11/05/2010.
muito bom cara :x
Posted by jeahm on 11/04/2010.
Super good
Posted by asd7970028 on 11/02/2010.
Posted by roger8825 on 10/28/2010.
Posted by electroncc on 10/26/2010.
Very soft voice.
Like it!
Posted by quochuy on 10/17/2010.
This is so amazing.......awesome;)

Great job! Kisses<3
Posted by humanoida on 10/15/2010.
your voice is very beautiful~ come on
,to realize your dreams.
Posted by heguimagic on 10/13/2010.
Soooooo natural!
Posted by 0oAnnyao0 on 10/06/2010.
Posted by juvenilex on 10/07/2010.
Posted by kimimomo on 10/04/2010.
My dear, your voice sounds of nature
comparable .
Come on, to realize your dreams.
Posted by Charlotte. on 10/05/2010.
thank you!
Posted by juvenilex on 10/07/2010.
Whow ! What a voice . . .
Posted by Egunk on 09/29/2010.
wow,beautiful voice
Posted by daokoushao on 09/28/2010.
you are seriously great ! :)
& also yu should post videos on youtube
,yu could go far if yu keep like this :D
Posted by AshLYoo on 09/20/2010.
Posted by AshLYoo on 09/20/2010.
sorry i guess i forgot i commented twice
Posted by AshLYoo on 09/20/2010.
haha! thanks:)
Posted by juvenilex on 10/07/2010.
come true!
Posted by zhangsuoyu on 09/16/2010.
I just want to thank all of you for
commenting and voting.
You guys brighten my day. :)
Posted by juvenilex on 09/14/2010.
Posted by Geek_K on 09/13/2010.
Wow! You have great voice!
Keep it up :-D
Posted by Sirohuwuga on 09/12/2010.
You are a great singer and have an
astounding voice! Keep it up! Post
covers to YouTube! You can go far! :D
Posted by DEMONIIIK on 09/02/2010.
Very nicely done, just like the original
in inflection and tone of i remember it
right. Very nice pleasant texture to
your voice too. Keep it up!
Posted by yawning247 on 08/28/2010.
you have a great voice(:
Posted by jonasfanxx on 08/26/2010.
Posted by mike1976 on 08/10/2010.
this is really pretty.
Posted by BNICOLEBBY on 08/10/2010.
like this =)
Posted by darkraz38 on 08/06/2010.
Posted by semika on 08/03/2010.
amazing, you already tried to enter a
Posted by ajeje04 on 07/29/2010.
hey jody this is jacob you have a good
Posted by jdn11 on 08/12/2010.
No.. no contests yet. haha.
Posted by juvenilex on 08/18/2010.
Your voice is very sweet.I love it.
Posted by xuelang on 07/16/2010.
very good
Posted by BLUESHERRY on 07/09/2010.
very NiCE ;)
Posted by .DamneD. on 07/05/2010.
I really love your voice!:X
Posted by elly_4ux on 07/06/2010.
beautiful voice!
Posted by ys92 on 07/05/2010.
Posted by looabreu on 06/27/2010.
Voice of an Angel !
great job kiddo ;)
Posted by .DamneD. on 06/27/2010.
i'm obsessed with this song ; nice <3.
Posted by Nicostine on 06/26/2010.
Perfect!!! congratulations n_n
Posted by m0onik on 06/26/2010.
hello~ so good ~ thank u and this song
Posted by paypal on 06/19/2010.
amazing :)
Posted by MandyLynn on 06/17/2010.
ur voice is so charming.
Posted by masoyama on 06/16/2010.
Posted by yangxuelu on 06/05/2010.
i love you voice, very sweet. :-)
Posted by ella08 on 06/03/2010.
oh, very nice :) you could probably put
it one or two keys up, and remember to
place your voice higher when you sing
lower notes so that they sound as good
and clear as the higher ones
Good range though! good job :D
Posted by dana.lynn on 06/03/2010.
Posted by wangfh on 05/25/2010.
You have a very sweet voice :)
Posted by Mirre on 05/26/2010.
have a look
Posted by waukoo on 05/25/2010.
advice you having a try on justin
bieber's song ~
it should be so like his voice and you
may get more supporting.~
Posted by Sumone. on 05/15/2010.
Good! Good! Very God! Oh~ Fantastic!
Posted by jangwj on 05/15/2010.
Posted by n694925021 on 05/15/2010.
wow~impressive. You have such a sweet
and firm voice! I am from China and I
like to sing English songs as well,
however accent is always my big
Posted by _henry_ on 05/12/2010.
i like this :) you have a preety voice
Posted by sabrina-m on 04/30/2010.
so so so cute)))))))))))))honestly:)
Posted by Tane4ka on 05/01/2010.
totally amazing!!
Posted by Misia3991 on 04/27/2010.
beautiful girl,beautiful voice~
Posted by niangao on 04/24/2010.
Very sweet voice, to pay a friend? I
want to learn English, I'm from China
Posted by wozhan77 on 04/23/2010.
Love your voice ! :D
Posted by gunne on 04/17/2010.
You are singing like a God!!
Posted by Luhaodong on 04/12/2010.
Sang so well, was sound of simply the
sounds of nature
Posted by fdcbcb on 04/14/2010.
Nice singing!
Posted by MrAsh on 04/13/2010.
salut, comment vous enregistrez votre
Posted by rihanna17 on 04/11/2010.
love your voice!
Posted by iamshyy on 04/10/2010.
Awh.. Thanks! :)
Posted by juvenilex on 04/11/2010.
very nice !
Posted by miroticu on 04/10/2010.
Thank you!
Posted by juvenilex on 04/11/2010.
Posted by Hopeness on 04/06/2010.
Posted by zengge on 04/08/2010.
Posted by huanglu on 04/21/2010.
Nice voice, I love it :)
Posted by Tomi_lun on 04/07/2010.
Posted by juvenilex on 04/11/2010.
I love it
Posted by fedor91 on 04/06/2010.
Posted by juvenilex on 04/11/2010.
Thank you very much. :)
Posted by juvenilex on 04/11/2010.
you are prety ,you music beautifull ,,
Posted by fasista on 10/20/2011.
Good song and you sing it so nice...
Posted by nirxx on 04/04/2010.
Wow thank you! haha
Posted by juvenilex on 04/11/2010.
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