Hometown: Hamburg, Germany
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Recorded: 06/21/2007
Notes: Hi, I´m a German woman. As I start to i´m sick.......soory
Thank you so much
Posted by pueppi31 on 09/20/2008.
Wow, that was great, very beautiful
voice and great tone, i loved it!!!!!
Posted by saturn2701 on 07/29/2007.
danke für dieses besondere Kompliment.
Ich freue mich sehr darüber
Posted by pueppi31 on 07/30/2007.
many Thanks hitachiwin. I`m happy for
your Compliment
Posted by pueppi31 on 07/24/2007.
Oh My God!!! your voice sounds like the
original artist singing their owned
CLOSED TO YOU - the carpenter.... you
are the best!!!!
Posted by hitachiwin on 07/24/2007.
i think you did a great job.
Posted by lukalishus on 07/07/2007.
Thank you, I try my best :o)
Posted by pueppi31 on 07/08/2007.
not bad
Posted by TRIVUz on 07/06/2007.
thank you
Posted by pueppi31 on 07/06/2007.
Posted by ennie on 07/04/2007.
Posted by pueppi31 on 07/04/2007.
Vielen Dank für das Kompliment
Posted by pueppi31 on 07/03/2007.
tolle Aufnahme!
hab begeistert =-)
Posted by karasu555 on 07/02/2007.
this is 1 of my fav old song thx 4
Posted by prirox on 06/30/2007.
me to
Posted by pueppi31 on 06/30/2007.
so nice
Posted by yonica on 06/30/2007.
Posted by pueppi31 on 06/30/2007.
Very nice :) Soothing.
Posted by edawgg34 on 06/27/2007.
thank you for be my fan and many
greetings from Germany
Posted by pueppi31 on 06/28/2007.
Sweet and sincere - thank you :)
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/27/2007.
Hi pueppi... I love this song! I want to
sing it! thank you 'bout your comment...
it fill me with joy! keep on listen to
Posted by puramnesia on 06/21/2007.
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