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Recorded: 01/05/2011
Notes: this song from my dear mahendra s genre ........dedicated to his singing , love and passion for music...........
Aaey haaey dil karda hai is song ke
saath dancing shuroo ...ho hee jaani
chahiye...What an energetic song and
singing.I really enjoyed this favourite
of mine.Keep singing and sharing.
Posted by laraib on 11/11/2011.
very well rendered parvin bhai, i too
feel absence of mahender bhai, a true
dedication to him , we all missing him
and u reminded him in very good manner,
keep it up, god bless u.
Posted by rampalss7 on 01/15/2011.
gud singing pravin sir... gud
singing...... music is little bit high
in volume... othrwisw... its v.gud..
nice singing sirji...
******************* jee
Posted by kodax4 on 01/14/2011.
Dedicated to right person ..
in his absence your dedication for him
to cheer up..i can realize. Very well
rendered..keep it up Doctor babu..I
listen you alip as well few from
others..I have plan coming up in mind to
begin with ANTAKSHRI on Midomi..if you
and other friends come up..Thanks for
sharing it..respect n regards.
Posted by koku on 01/07/2011.
thx alot and plz keep new ideas coming
Posted by dr.pravin on 01/08/2011.
bilkul thheek mahinder ji type mast song
aur aapne bahut khoob mast andaaz main
gaya praveen ji...superb
Posted by kberry on 01/05/2011.
thx alot
Posted by dr.pravin on 01/06/2011.
Posted by moses123 on 01/05/2011.
thx a lot
Posted by dr.pravin on 01/06/2011.
pravinji very mast mast
rendition......you madeup for mahendar's
absence in midomi :)
Posted by ananya67 on 01/06/2011.
thx alot
Posted by dr.pravin on 01/06/2011.
Pehle raafta raafta likha dekh kar mujhe
samajh nahin aaya ye kaun sa song. Par
ye bada hi mast song hai mujhe bahut
pasand hai. Aur aapne bada hi mast gaya
hai. I will give u full marks.
Keep sharing, enjoying & sharing
Respect & Regards.
Posted by dishantmid on 01/06/2011.
wow Dr. saheb kya mast gana aur kya mast
gaya, maza aa gaya. mera bahut hi
pasadeeda gana hai ye, mera man to ise
gaane ko machal raha hai dr saheb.
Posted by agrawal_sk on 01/06/2011.
to ho jayee sir ..........aane do
Posted by dr.pravin on 01/06/2011.
Dr. Saheb maine ise dobara poora suna
bahut achchha laga.
Posted by agrawal_sk on 01/06/2011.
Sudhir babu..are Janab..meri hi taraha
aap bhi to bahut hi sochte rehte hai..ha
Ha..Ab ga lijiye..ha aa ha..Cheers!!!
Aap ke naam...respect n regards..
Posted by koku on 01/07/2011.
mauka milte hi zaroor gaaoonga
kaushikji, bas mujhe track mil jaaye.
Praveen ji se request karta hoon.
Posted by agrawal_sk on 01/08/2011.
Praveenji zaroor gaaoonga, lekin aapko
mujhe track bhejna padega.
"[email protected]" par!!
Posted by agrawal_sk on 01/08/2011.
meragana .comn par available hai sir
Posted by dr.pravin on 01/10/2011.
What a coincidence, Dr Saa. I have sung
the same song and submitted yesterday
though I am yet to share it.Great
singing. I am sharing this song with you
only, presently.
Posted by schandar20 on 01/05/2011.
Posted by schandar20 on 01/06/2011.
you aretoo good
Posted by dr.pravin on 01/06/2011.
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