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Age: 35
Hometown: Västerås
About me:
Check out my band! http://www.youtube.com /roadkilljoey
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Recorded: 10/05/2008
Notes: got this song stuck in my head! So I thought why not make my own little version of it and maybe I can get it out of my system =)
Posted by VladRad. on 11/11/2014.
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww who are you ,you
are like genius i mean just wow
Posted by diehard24 on 11/02/2014.
You are so good!!! omg!
Posted by kblee2432 on 10/20/2014.
you are so good :)
Posted by uschii on 12/10/2013.
Posted by kendi66 on 11/30/2013.
dude,you are awsome!!!
Posted by TZX on 11/03/2013.
Holy crap... you're amazing.
Posted by ThisIsNow on 10/31/2013.
Posted by Emblem2015 on 10/19/2013.
wow! jestem pod wrażeniem z takim
głosem powinieneś być piosenkarzem
pozwól odkryć swój talent
Posted by jagoda22 on 10/04/2013.
Posted by AliceDegon on 09/15/2013.
Posted by ZYTEMY on 09/09/2013.
i think... this recording is the best of
this web page :)
congratulations, your voice is
Posted by stylesmac on 09/01/2013.
cantas muy lindo
Posted by maoli-lpez on 08/20/2013.
I love it!
Posted by ninjawolf1 on 05/07/2013.
Posted by laoning on 02/25/2013.
Very good version! I like it!! :)
Posted by Ninaav on 02/25/2013.
Posted by jbiebs on 02/20/2013.
Wow it's beautiful!
Posted by berryblue on 02/16/2013.
You're A Great Singer
Good Song !!!
Posted by ChrisF22 on 02/13/2013.
Posted by USM on 02/04/2013.
Posted by Roxam on 01/19/2013.
Posted by Gohaaar on 12/25/2012.
Posted by MorozzNadi on 11/27/2012.
Super !
Posted by SoniaG on 11/01/2012.
I like!
Posted by VcMaciel on 10/23/2012.
I couldn't be bad, because you have
great voice and amazing guitar playing
=) 5 stars from me!
Posted by Sun_Dianka on 10/14/2012.
Posted by danielss27 on 09/05/2012.
Beautiful Voice! ♥
Posted by Michellej on 09/01/2012.
great voice
Posted by Lullaby on 08/30/2012.
You have the best male voice ive ever
Posted by krosie on 08/25/2012.
Im new to this can you check out my
first recording your amazing btw
Posted by aimee159 on 08/25/2012.
Just amazing
Posted by aimee159 on 08/25/2012.
Brilliant ...!!!!
Posted by stumpy9251 on 08/24/2012.
Posted by whateverzo on 08/19/2012.
I really like your version of this
song.. its really good =)
Posted by kedihost23 on 07/03/2012.
Posted by lily102 on 05/05/2012.
first impression: really weird
Posted by Emblem2015 on 10/19/2013.
Posted by 1Dcyrus on 05/03/2012.
Posted by moshetty on 05/02/2012.
good performance!!!
Posted by cyracy745 on 04/28/2012.
very good
Posted by joklovski on 04/21/2012.
your voice is beautiful.
Posted by crosemaryc on 04/21/2012.
Very well done
Posted by bigmike- on 04/05/2012.
good version :)
Posted by Julia_7 on 03/30/2012.
yes, very good
Posted by luciita on 04/02/2012.
You sing very well.
I don't like this song, but youre
version is really good;
Posted by Salii_ on 02/22/2012.
Niicee! :)
I like it so much ^^
Posted by aannecm on 11/12/2011.
That sounds really [email protected]!
Posted by AubreyCook on 09/19/2011.
You have a very nice voice! Honestly, I
like this more than the original. :)
Posted by d1l9s on 09/14/2011.
Posted by kaylalala8 on 09/10/2011.
Super LIKE!!! nice rendition...
Posted by eyecatcher on 09/09/2011.
wao!! very cool!!
Posted by ayupiyo on 09/03/2011.
oh! very nice! :D
Posted by itsaline on 08/31/2011.
Nice one! and cool that you've cahnged
the lyrics when needed ;)
Posted by szszgerda on 08/30/2011.
Posted by del99 on 08/18/2011.
Posted by Sallin_Har on 08/06/2011.
fantastisch :D
Posted by nici-xD on 08/03/2011.
You're better than Katy Perry!!! So
cool. I love youre voice
Posted by Melly_LoL on 07/19/2011.
You kissed a girl and you liked it, well
I love the way you sing it!
Posted by klickshop on 05/21/2011.
love it!
Posted by charry21 on 03/31/2011.
You sing like a singer.
Posted by eastsea on 04/03/2011.

Posted by 1999kz on 03/26/2011.
Better than Katy Perry! Congrats!
Posted by CarlosAlk on 03/09/2011.
not bad, :) alot better than most on
here. Check out my wife, username is
sanicc she sings the etta james song At
Last great. listen and see what u think
Posted by Syde1020 on 03/04/2011.
you're pro!!!!
Posted by camilala on 03/04/2011.
this is soo good(: i love your voice
Posted by eminemlove on 02/27/2011.
Posted by whlweb on 02/09/2011.
ojala te vaya bien con tu música tocas
y cantas genial que tengas mucha suerte
Posted by julietha on 01/29/2011.
this is actually pretty good, i love it
-i think you sound better singing than
katy perry
Posted by margxo on 01/28/2011.
wow i like it
Posted by Mc_s1won on 01/26/2011.
Posted by jhato200x on 01/18/2011.
so cool! im new here ! could you please
hear my first recording? lol thanks! (:
Posted by XiomaraCan on 01/17/2011.
sooooooooooo~surprise me!
Posted by jueduixdu on 01/16/2011.
Posted by 22net on 01/12/2011.
Posted by Sobored154 on 01/10/2011.
Wow, its just amazing!!!!!
Posted by Watashii on 01/08/2011.
Its like RoyKhanGal said.. Just like an
alternative version =D
Posted by Watashii on 01/08/2011.
Posted by nvhaishie on 01/08/2011.
wei sha shangmian dou shi Enghish??
Posted by dongshujie on 04/10/2012.
Posted by Hirad on 01/06/2011.
its like a alternative version...LOL
love it way better than the original
Posted by RoyKhanGal on 12/23/2010.
You're fantastic
Posted by TheDiego on 12/21/2010.
omg, very very very GOOOOD!
Posted by jeahm on 12/17/2010.
Posted by yunyun5883 on 12/01/2010.
i love this song soooo
Posted by Fannami on 12/03/2010.
very good very very
[email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by bmsqueen on 12/02/2010.
Posted by rocksister on 11/26/2010.
You should be famous!!
Posted by rocksister on 11/26/2010.
Posted by yellowhpl on 11/22/2010.
Me gusta!!! :)
Posted by zurhyel on 11/19/2010.
I like your voice`
Posted by dododore on 11/14/2010.
Fantásticoo! kisses!
Posted by Princesa83 on 11/08/2010.
pretty good! GO FOR IT!
Posted by JulianaS. on 11/05/2010.
wow, so cool!
Posted by jeahm on 11/05/2010.
Great !!!
Posted by EricCosta on 10/23/2010.
haha! so cool!!
Posted by Neriza on 10/22/2010.
Posted by zhangyuqiu on 10/19/2010.
awesome.. God bless.. keep recording ;-j
Posted by joshua14 on 10/19/2010.
Posted by reedsgreen on 10/17/2010.
Dvvero bravo...complimenti...
Posted by GaiaGinger on 10/16/2010.
Love it <33
Posted by Mellow on 09/30/2010.
very fantastic you're super star...
Posted by just1314 on 09/30/2010.
You´re gergeous!!! :)
My favorite ;)
Posted by Dada on 09/29/2010.
It's super :D Beautiful voice :)
Posted by jennylaju on 09/25/2010.
wow....this is so cool:)

I love it! [:x]

Posted by humanoida on 09/24/2010.
WOW really really good job!
Posted by charliebuc on 09/22/2010.
wow fantastic
Posted by TheDiego on 09/12/2010.
the song and quality is fantastic
Posted by TheDiego on 09/12/2010.
speechless,amazing! :o)
Posted by andy_cz on 09/05/2010.
Cobra Starship - I Kissed A Boy
Posted by MissSammy on 09/04/2010.
reaaallly gooooooooood.!!
Posted by oliverliu on 09/04/2010.
wow! u sung better than her!
Posted by azka4681 on 09/02/2010.
Love it (L) :D
Posted by heysoul on 09/02/2010.
You're freaked out man!
Posted by mugee on 09/02/2010.
Superb recording.
Posted by quochuy on 08/30/2010.
Bravo!!!! nice one!!

Thanks and good luck.
Posted by doval_enan on 08/27/2010.
:D I love it!!!!!!!!!!!Totally awesome!
Posted by BrokenLulu on 08/07/2010.
lovely voice (:
Posted by Biianca on 02/09/2010.
Good! I love the sound of the guitar and
your voice together!
Perfect!! I love it!
Posted by Lucy_Riot on 01/03/2010.
You make it your own song! Amazing!
Posted by ea50901 on 12/26/2009.
love it ;)
Posted by msphrogge on 10/10/2009.

You're so gayyyy! ;)) Love your version
Mike you're great!!! million stars from
the universe... ^_^
I recall my uncle Marc by your
voiz..he's the one who influenced me to
sing when i was still young.
Posted by Trishakira on 07/10/2009.
Another really ah-mazing-ly great
Posted by _Camisado_ on 06/15/2009.
cool !
Posted by alanjg on 06/09/2009.
Wow! This is actually VERY good. I
thought that a guitar version of it
would be horrible, but its
reaaaaaaaaaallly good. =D
Posted by ToxicEmma on 05/10/2009.
Wow, you do have got it! now go get
more, love your style and your ease with
which you sing, good on ya, Geo
Posted by Musictoman on 04/12/2009.
good !!
Posted by the-mixed on 04/04/2009.
Hey ramone ;)
Bra jobbat :D schysst version!
Hoppas att allt är bra med dig, var ju
ett tag sen.
Kramar / Liz
Posted by LouiseWahl on 02/19/2009.
Make an unlikely acoustic covers-type
album! If this is the standard
throughout then it would be
enormously-well received. Tres bon!
Posted by Tangent on 02/17/2009.
HAHAHAH!!!! I can't stop laughing ;D BUT
you sing really good, so keep up the
good work ;)
Posted by TheRose on 01/24/2009.
i thought of doing this too, you did the
dirty work for me. Good job 5*****
Posted by goatea on 10/13/2008.
i love your rendition dont matter wat
any1 else says ur still gd
Posted by kirsten673 on 10/13/2008.
Great version! You could have kept the
naughty aspect by kissing a guy! I love
the grit and tone to your voice! Well
done.5 stars.
Posted by DV8 on 10/09/2008.
Very good! Well done guy!
Posted by Rayo on 10/08/2008.
***** always the best
Posted by Allena on 10/07/2008.
great rendition!
Posted by RoozTalent on 10/06/2008.
OMG very good version for this song! u
rock, man!
Posted by Adriii... on 10/05/2008.
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