Age: 48
Hometown: India
About me:
I need music. Without music, my ears are just boring devices used to listen to people talking about meaningless thing...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 12/09/2012
Notes: Lovely Logic for a beautiful Life: Never try to maintain relations in your life Just try to maintain life in your relations
ye sach hai ki haroz naye gul khilte
hai..aur parvah kiye bina apni khushboo
naye gul ko diye jate hai..aur ye
khushboo hi hai jo zinda rehti hai..aur
har gul ki yehi Kahani hai..agar
bichhadege Nahin to milenge kaise !!!

Bichhadenge Nahin to milenge
kaise..This is pain and there is no life
without pain..Magar Kab Tak!! kab
Milenge!! ye koi taj mahal banewali baat
to Nahin,,,
Ha ha..Khoobsurat awaaz aur ussase bhi
zyada khoobsurati se perform karna ye
mere Dost Jai Saab ki quality hai..maan
gaye Saab you made my day today!! God
Bless..Respect n regards.
Posted by koku on 07/08/2015.
Jk always u have to add with vedio, ppl
wil misunderstand may be its original
track he he he, its almost similar man.
wooooooooooooow, LA JAWAB
Posted by NihasRafek on 12/19/2012.
Oh my God friend...your words just
touched my heart........I am glad you
liked it...Thanks so much for giving
such amazing comments.,...
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/24/2012.
Posted by Jolly.S on 12/15/2012.
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/15/2012.
Excellent singing
Posted by Harshetha on 12/15/2012.
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/15/2012.
Thanks Koku and Trailokya for liking my
effort....keep coming back....and keep
sharing your wonderful talent
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/15/2012.
Very good singing Jaideepji!! Welcome to
Posted by trailokya on 12/15/2012.
Posted by koku on 12/14/2012.
Raat Ke Taron Tum Hi Batao Meri Wo
Manzil hai Kahan, Jiske Liye Main Pagal
Banke Kho Baitha Hoon Dono Janan..Jin
Raaton Ki Bhor Nahin Hai Aaj Aisis Hi
Raat Aayee..
Thanks for sharing original voice in
clip..Kehne ki zaroorat hi Nahin ki yeh
kiski soz aur kiske soch hai..
Posted by koku on 07/08/2015.
Thanks you Mukesh G and K berry G for
taking out time to go through my
rendition...Your appreciation means a
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/14/2012.
great entry jaideep ji ...enjoyed all
the songs in your superr fine
singing...keep it up..
Posted by kberry on 12/14/2012.
Wakai Bahut kamaaL ki gazki hai aapki
Aanand aa gaya Ji
All my best wishes......
Posted by mukeshsoni on 12/13/2012.
Jaideep g congratulations for #1 in Up
and Coming
U Deserve all the credit
Posted by Pink.Rose on 12/12/2012.
Mindblowing voice touched my heart.. all
these songs are very special to me.-
your REFINED choice of songs tells
everything.unique rendition from
you.Simply outstanding...GALAXY OF STARS
Posted by Pink.Rose on 12/12/2012.
TY pink je. I feel honourd and I'm
really inspired by the apreciations from
true lovers of the music like you. It
gives me energy to do more. Thanks once
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/12/2012.
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/11/2012.
a msmorising singing jaidp ji...vah vah
vah...kumar shanu gaayab ho gaye the
...suna tha fl bhi kar rahe the
but...lag raha hai..unke albums sunn ke
baad aapko sun kar ki you are better
than him and more near to kishor
da...yah...first listning mein aapne
apna fan bana liya hai mujhe...great
singing and recording ..great great
great in all respect....
Posted by mks2208 on 12/11/2012.
Jaideep saheb welcome to midomi. Solid
performance sir and very clear
recording. enjoyed it.
Posted by moses123 on 12/11/2012.
Thankyou Ajit,Pramod,Virender,dolly g,
sk.sikar for the excellent comments and
appreciating my effort...
Posted by Jaiideep on 12/10/2012.
excellent singing jaideep, enjoyed it
Posted by sk.sikar on 12/10/2012.
Hello Jaideep welcome to midomi very
well singing .......keep singing and
Posted by balludolly on 12/09/2012.
p se hi pata chala ki aap bahut acha
gaane wale hain.Pehla hi gana bahut
khoobsurat select kiya aapne aur ek ek
word ko sur mein piroker aapne mann
khush kar diya....mujhe lagta hai ki
midomi mein fir se jaan aa gayi.Pehle hi
gaane se aap mere favourite ban gaye
hain jaideep ji.Aise hi khoobsurat gaane
sunaate rehna bhai.Ek baar fir main sabb
midomi friends ki taraf se aapka welcome
karta hoon ji!!
Posted by glowworm on 12/09/2012.
Wow...superrb.......very nice singing
Jaideep....welcome to midomi.....you
have a very nice voice quality and
excellent gayaki...keep sharing good
music....all the best!
Posted by kpramod on 12/09/2012.
very well sung like it.wel come to
midomi family.,,,ajit(dosti)
Posted by DOSTI on 12/09/2012.
welcome to midomi jaiideep, very well
sung nice recording as well...
Posted by janabezia on 12/09/2012.
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