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Recorded: 02/26/2010
Notes: This is one of the greatest rock songs ever what i did together with "Big T". Many thanks to her because she is a great singer. We did about six month to make it and i had to cut of three min. bud if you like it i will put it on the media player so you can hear the complete song....Thanks for listening...Gégé
Posted by dollysolo on 04/07/2010.
Dank jewel
Posted by rosamusic on 02/18/2012.
This song is compleet in full stereo on
Posted by rosamusic on 03/08/2010.
Hi my dear, im watching your youtube :)
is great!!!, thanks for your rock!! i
need just these songs, with force,
energy, spirit,thanks my friend JTA!!
Posted by pagarvi on 03/06/2010.
Merci ma cherie JTA aussi. Go look at I put your songs on
it.......I love "Tel him" and your duet
with Giglio.......Bisousssss
Posted by rosamusic on 03/08/2010.
Top nummer, mooi vertolkt!!!!Groetjes
Posted by gert1 on 03/04/2010.
Dat was geweldig en zeer goed gezongen,
je wordt met de dat steeds beter!!!.
alle sterren voor je vriend. groetjes,
Posted by rudyjansen on 02/28/2010.
Nou als ik mezelf af en toe zonder
muziek hoor dan kan ik beter naar bed
gaan Rudy maar het klopt dat ik
momenteel veel zing en oefen....veel
dank voor de sterren ook namens "Big-T"
Posted by rosamusic on 02/28/2010.
Fantastic !

I was really listening with wide open
mouth here... woooo---w ! Great rocking,
and "Big-T" did a wonderful job too !
It's a pity about the sound quality,
seems to happen more and more at
midomi...but in this case I just imagine
to listen to an old, used vinyl lp and
then it's alright again :D
Maximum stars my dear GéGé !
Posted by misspronce on 02/28/2010.
Thanks for your compliments Lara, and i
assure you that the original recording
has a perfect sound bud Midomi does not
support this music violence !!!!
Posted by rosamusic on 02/28/2010.
It's a "rock opera"! (^_^)
Great going, both of you.
Posted by HowardH on 03/01/2010.
Hi Howard, a rock-opera yes one of 8.5
min. thanks a lot
Posted by rosamusic on 03/02/2010.
Hi Gege,

Man! This is the real stuff!
Really impressed by the midomi version,
I would really like to hear your MP3
version long version. Must be fantastic!

Bravo a tous les deux!


Posted by Mike_P on 02/28/2010.
Bientôt mon cher ami, je
m'occupe...merci de ta visite
Posted by rosamusic on 02/28/2010.
Posted by saverio on 02/27/2010.
Yes Big-T (Trees) she's
wonderful...Thank you Saverio
Posted by rosamusic on 02/27/2010.
woooooooooooooooow woooooooooooow great i love rock
n' roll ;) i am so glad you made me
happy you made my day with it i enjoyed
listening very very much excellent
!!!!!!!!!!! GO AHAED!
Posted by sweetsoni on 02/27/2010.
Ma belle Sonia thank you so much...,
glad i can do you a pleasure...and
"Big-T" to!!!
Posted by rosamusic on 02/27/2010.
B.t.w. I will do "casser la voix" again
from a new version i have
Posted by rosamusic on 02/27/2010.
Wooooooooowww this is excellente!!
my friend.... tremendo rock.
!! Congratulations!! and 5* for you.
Posted by magnetron on 02/27/2010.
Thank you magnetron i like your music
and you mines...thanks for the stars
Posted by rosamusic on 02/27/2010.
Sounds good to me here rosamusic.
Posted by fonzie on 02/27/2010.
Couldn't we do a rocksong together?
Thanks Fonzie
Posted by rosamusic on 02/27/2010.
I am up for singing duets with any of my
friends. So if a rock number is what you
want us to do, let's go for it!
Posted by fonzie on 02/27/2010.
Oke !!!!!!!
Posted by rosamusic on 02/27/2010.
Hi! Gege to me this is sound great to
me! Now youre a rock star to me!
Wonderful singing! STTARRRSS! Kisses!
Posted by girlyroy on 02/26/2010.
Thanks Josefina ... l love
you.......always there ....the first as
always , thank you
Posted by rosamusic on 02/27/2010.
I heard that the sound is not so perfect
bud i think thats a Midomi problem. I
hope you like it annyway....♫♪♫♥
Posted by rosamusic on 02/26/2010.
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