vai começar a cantar
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Age: 33
Hometown: São Paulo
About me:
Music makes me i sing almost all the time lol I try to do my best in every song i sing and i really hop...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 04/20/2008
Notes: Well, i'm not a pro, but I tried to do my best! This is one of my favourites songs! I hope u like it ^^
I like it!Keep up the good job!
Posted by 308387451 on 04/04/2012.
I love this song so much, it will
probably be the first I do on here, even
though I can't play an instrument and
will have to find non-vocal accompany -
you did a great job - look for mine if
you like - 5 stars
Posted by Draconik on 10/18/2009.
hey it's very nice! :)
(check mine if you want.. I've done a
piano version of this great song) ;)
Posted by donvito on 02/27/2009.
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