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Recorded: 01/08/2008
Notes: Ms. Beyonce song!!!
I like your voice.
Posted by hy250888 on 04/05/2012.
i like this feeling.i think we can be
good friends.
Posted by wxm1991 on 07/12/2011.
I like when you sing this type of music
better. Sounds great! Sounds like Nika
Posted by TerrieMac on 12/30/2009.
Thank U soo much TerrieMac! Appreciate
U… OH and Ms. Nkia Costa is fierce!!
luv her voice!
Posted by neikei on 02/19/2010.
I want your cd at my house!

Congrat!!!! u are

***I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E ***
Posted by sandy_ar on 08/27/2009.
Working on it! Thnak U Sandy!
Posted by neikei on 02/19/2010.
wow u got a nice voice girl, love it!
so amazing.......
Posted by awit3878 on 03/11/2009.
Thank you awit3878
Posted by neikei on 07/28/2009.
well done check my song when the
children cry
Posted by shmoo on 02/22/2009.
THanks shmoo... will do!
Posted by neikei on 07/28/2009.
I kind of feel silly commenting, because
you are so good that I am speechless!
AMAZING, of course. It's better than the
original. :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/29/2008.
Gurl... don't feel silly. I'm glad you
listened and enjoyed. Your comments lets
me know I'm in the right business!
Thank you!

I Appreciate you...
Posted by neikei on 11/05/2008.
wow!!!How did you make that song? :D
Posted by ivasirinks on 10/28/2008.
Hi Ivasirinks... I have the instrumental
version and recorded the background
vocals myself then turned around and did
the lead live while recording on midomi.
Glad you enjoyed... Thanks

Appreciate you...
Posted by neikei on 11/05/2008.
girl friend first of all kudos for even
attemptn beyonce. second ima stand up
and give u a soul clap cause u did the
damn thang!!!!
Posted by sw33tl8dy on 07/16/2008.
Thank you sw33tl8dy... Mrs. Beyonce is
nothing to sneeze at... she does the
damn thang too! Glad you enjoyed...
Appreciate you...
Posted by neikei on 11/05/2008.
Wow, you're really good!
Posted by Kaochan on 06/26/2008.
Thank U Kaochan!

Posted by neikei on 07/13/2008.
ofourse....ur just amazing....i dont hve
to tell u dat...but dis song is superb
!!! 5 stars....well she is Mrs Beyonce
now...hehehehe... =))..luv ur voice!!
Posted by asumstar on 06/24/2008.
Thanks 4 your comment.... and we BOTH
know Mrs Beyonce can SAANNGGG 2... smile
SHe wrote a good one!

Posted by neikei on 07/13/2008.
Thanks asumstar! Thanks soo much!

Appreciate you...
Posted by neikei on 11/05/2008.
Posted by bhentongbo on 06/24/2008.
Posted by neikei on 07/13/2008.
This is another hit from
you...Pls...sing NO ONE from Alicia
Key...This is really fit for you..
Posted by RandyBF on 05/18/2008.
I will try and learn Ms. Key's Song...
Posted by neikei on 05/24/2008.
..................CRAZY CRAZY VOICE U
Posted by FLUFFYKAT on 04/15/2008.
Thank you soo much Fluffykat!
Posted by neikei on 05/15/2008.
wow!! great interpretation!! fantastic
performance!! 5 stars! =)
Posted by nikko on 04/07/2008.
Thanks Nikko! Appreciate your comment!
Posted by neikei on 04/11/2008.
damn girl get down.
Posted by TerrieMac on 04/07/2008.
Thanks TerrieMac... GOTTS to get down
when your doing MS. Beyonce song...
Posted by neikei on 04/11/2008.
i can't stop smiling and dancing lol, 5
Posted by big on 02/19/2008.
Ms. Beyonce's songs... yeah she writes
some good ones to Make ya wanna move.
Gotta give that gurl props.... Thanks
for your encouraging words... Appreciate
Posted by neikei on 03/18/2008.
Thank you Manderley... Ms. Beyonce song
Posted by neikei on 02/03/2008.
Wonderful, beautiful...5*****!!!
A kiss.Anto
Posted by honey04 on 01/25/2008.
Thank you Honey04... guess I could learn
the words better... smile
Posted by neikei on 01/27/2008.
Beautiful neiki!!!! 5***** for you
Posted by mitchie on 01/10/2008.
Thank you Mitchie... thanks for
Posted by neikei on 01/27/2008.
great great great!
Posted by soffio on 01/09/2008.
Thank you Soffio! Sooo much!!
Posted by neikei on 01/09/2008.
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