Hometown: New Delhi
Aayega Aanewala (The One Is Destined to Come, Will Definitely ...) Part 2
Lata Mangeshkar
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Recorded: 08/01/2010
Excellent Rendition...wonderful
presentation...Keep it up
Posted by Jaiideep on 01/11/2013.
Posted by pradeep40 on 08/16/2010.
thanx pradeep ji....
Posted by kberry on 08/19/2010.
i love the song and your renditon but
what i loved much is your remarque and
you're not wrong :o old is gold well
said my dear oldies are unfashionable
and i love thank you for sharing this
one with us i'm glad :)
Posted by sweetsoni on 08/06/2010.
thanx dear for appreciating my efforts
Posted by kberry on 08/19/2010.
KYAA BAAT HAI....................
Posted by dr.pravin on 08/05/2010.
thanx praveen ji for the greatest word
of appreciation..
Posted by kberry on 08/06/2010.
very nice song from MAHAL n u have sung
very nicely kamleshji
Posted by sk.sikar on 08/02/2010.
thanx alot surender ji ...
Posted by kberry on 08/06/2010.
aksar sarita se sunte hain ye geet lekin
aap bhi kisi se kam nahi ha ha ha . very
melodious singing kamlesh
Posted by janabezia on 08/03/2010.
aakhir behnon ka taste milta hai na zia
bhai ....soorat aur seerat sab kuchh
milta hai ..bas ek doori hai pyaar
beintahaa hai...thanx alot..
Posted by kberry on 08/06/2010.
Wow!!!! Its simply outstaanding my dear
...I do agree with Moses .....tareef ke
liye shabd nahin hein!!!!
oved it!!!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 08/03/2010.
wowww ...yr appearence is enough for me
...ye tumhaara pyaar hi hai jo mujhey
roke hue hai ...nahi to baahar ki
duniyaa nahi chhodegi mujhey... tum
aaogi to dikhaaungi yahaan ka mausam e
Posted by kberry on 08/06/2010.
Kya baat hai..Waah.Waah...very well sung
Kamleshji..Maanji baghair naiya saahil
ko dhoonte hai..wahi original lataji ke
expressions. Taarif ke liye shabd nahin
hai aapke liye dear. UNLIMITED STARS 4
Posted by moses123 on 08/02/2010.
thanx moses..for this great grand and
gala appreciation...
Posted by kberry on 08/06/2010.
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