Age: 33
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Recorded: 12/29/2007
Notes: ceci est un premier teste parske je vien tou juste de dékouvrir le posterai bien de nouvelle chansons et avec une qualité meilleur ;) jéspér ke vou allé aprécier
Posted by RJDuerr on 07/04/2009.
Merci beaucoup ^^
Posted by fkroune on 07/04/2009.
bravo! i love your singing.
Posted by c_o on 01/01/2008.
wow u have very nice voice
Posted by meldz on 01/04/2008.
Posted by andy_cz on 12/30/2007.
tu as une très jolie voix.
Posted by linenet on 12/30/2007.
very good voice and nice song
welcome on midomi
Posted by johnlennon on 12/30/2007.
u have a very good voice (^_^)i loved
Posted by cutevoice on 12/30/2007.
thank you^^ i've done some new
stuffs....that seemed to me better than
this one...i'll be waiting for your
Posted by fkroune on 12/30/2007.
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