Hometown: Subang Jaya, Malaysia
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Recorded: 11/19/2008
Posted by kryspaul on 07/03/2009.
congratulations! You have a beautiful
Posted by brabul on 01/24/2009.
nice~~~ nice
Posted by fionatong on 01/10/2009.
Posted by hongyanyz on 12/31/2008.
Nice :D
Posted by TheRose on 12/31/2008.
hello my name is mirian266 and i dont
speak english good,because im
spanish..please hear my songs and
vote....I would like to know if I have a
voice to sing well ..thank you
Posted by mirian266 on 12/30/2008.
nice one...5stars
Posted by white_r on 12/26/2008.
it's wonderful
Posted by yuyuhe on 12/20/2008.
wooow great dear ..!!!!
Posted by didodream on 12/18/2008.
Posted by boogng on 12/17/2008.
WOW!!! its very difficult sing songs of
whitney...why didnt singing? your voice
is really beautiful!
My stars aseanlady, congratulations!!
Posted by pagarvi on 12/15/2008.
Very good! 5 stars *****
Posted by royalblue on 12/14/2008.
Posted by soffio on 12/14/2008.
Ohh i didnt hear this song for years:(
I like it!!!You deserve 5 starssss
Comment my songs too!!
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/12/2008.
me encanto (=
Posted by sweet_ger on 12/08/2008.
cantas muy lindo =)
me encanta!
Posted by sweet_ger on 12/08/2008.
Posted by mandizs2 on 12/06/2008.
Posted by angelyou on 12/05/2008.
Ah there you are all featured! Now your
tone is just lovely - I am no big
Whitney fan, but I think your voice is
just lovely here! 5*
Posted by w00fdawg on 12/01/2008.
Long time no chat, how have you been?
Thanks for your lovely comment.
Posted by aseanlady on 12/01/2008.
vaya temazo de whitney!
me encanta
bueno pasaba por aquí y te comento.
si no te importa te pongo en amigos
Posted by n_ye.a on 11/28/2008.
Posted by aseanlady on 12/01/2008.
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