Age: 32
Somebody To Love
Anne Hathaway
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Recorded: 12/21/2007
you sing too much out of your
nose....other than that good job!
Posted by xAmronx on 08/26/2008.
You sound very much as Anne Hathaway!
With some training I could have thaugt
that you where her!^^
Posted by Mirre on 01/01/2008.
hi mirre thank you for your comment...

Posted by shie_nomi on 01/01/2008.
anyways...i also like evanescence... :)
can u sing her my immortal
Posted by shie_nomi on 01/01/2008.
You did well but I would work on the
sound of your voice and I was colse to
the others that I have heard
Posted by Posselover on 12/29/2007.
thats pretty close to the original

my only feedback would be to make it
sound less "whiney"

Even though the songis pretty winey

Over all, great job, I know I could not
have done it!!!
Posted by damseldiva on 12/25/2007.
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