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Kya mujhe Pyar hai
Wo Lamhe
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Recorded: 06/12/2008
Notes: i found a midi file of this hindi song. So i gave it a try hehehe..
Posted by vikramkuma on 02/17/2009.
I came here...
2 listening my sweet friend.....
5***** chocolate 4 u...
ayesai mauke per to kuch meetha hona hi
chahiye na.
just joking...:)
Posted by akanksha31 on 01/22/2009.
Hello Sagarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! How nice
you're in the front page, again, with
this song. I looooooove this
songgggggggggggg, and I loooove your
sweet voice, my dear!!!!!!!
Posted by Rayo on 01/21/2009.
I love it!!!!!!!<3
5 stars for yaaaa
Comment some my songs too..Im going to
listen your other songs
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/10/2008.
hey.. lulu!!! you are welcome on my page
(^ _ ^)
Hey, thanks for such a nice comment &
the stars!!! kisses from india!!
Posted by asssagar on 12/10/2008.
Excellent rendition Sagar!!!!!!!
keep it up!!!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 11/17/2008.
thank you saritaji!!! you came and
listened.. this brings me great joy!!!
Posted by asssagar on 11/17/2008.
aajkal kahan ho sagar..........?????

hye...I m here....again 2 listen ur
Posted by akanksha31 on 11/09/2008.
aapne to bahut hi achcha gaya ji..
Posted by ashish.c on 10/27/2008.
thanks a lot ashish.. i really
appriciate your comment !! bahut bahut
shukriya dost!!
Posted by asssagar on 11/15/2008.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, my ALL-TIME
I guess I'll never get enough of this
one. :D
Posted by diva-br on 10/14/2008.
WowoWoWo!! here we have DIVA again!!!
and i wish 2 see u again and again my
i think i'll record the same song again
for you someday soon...!!!! :)
Posted by asssagar on 10/14/2008.
Woooooohooooo, that will be GREAT!!!!
There is already a special place
reserved in advance in my playlist for
it. ;)
*Whispering: ssshhhhh, secret - hey,
amigo, there is a karaoke track on a
site, you know...* ;)
Posted by diva-br on 10/15/2008.
u hve a nice talent.... keep it up... 1
think i noticed was words r not clear i
think in the begining...i felt like
tat.... rest is fine
Posted by kodax4 on 10/12/2008.
yeah.. u r right my friend.. i hadn't
opened my voice fully in the song.. it
was my first recording.. hehe...
and thanks for your encouragement and
nice words, and for listening my song!!!
Posted by asssagar on 10/14/2008.
My dear friend

your magic is creating miracles.

dekha ya nahi..........???????
Posted by akanksha31 on 10/11/2008.
hehehe.. thanku.. kisi vote se aa gaya
waise apne pehle week mein #1 Up &
coming chala gaya tha.. actually diva,
rayo n other brazillians ko kaafi pasand
aaya tha!!! phir ratings change hote
rehti hain!!!! aap dekhna aapke 'pyar
tune kya kiya' ke saath bhi aisa hi
chalta rahega...
Posted by asssagar on 10/11/2008.



more hindi songs....................

4 me.......
Posted by akanksha31 on 10/06/2008.
hey.. akanksha... thanks aapne aakar
mera gaana suna.. mujhe bahut khushi
hogi aur hindi gaane gaane mein.. sure
i'm gonna sing 4 u
Posted by asssagar on 10/08/2008.
yar.............aapki song ko suit kar
rahi hai .............

i m surprised vid ur singing

i add u.....................

keep singing man..............

its tooo.........gud
Posted by akanksha31 on 10/06/2008.
good one! just heard diva's recording of
the same song, saw that one asssagar had
recommended it, and came by here to
check out your songs ...

will listen to your other songs also
shortly ... take care and keep singing!
Posted by vvalopa on 09/14/2008.
thanks a lot madam. I am very much
pleased and happy!! I have listened to
many of ur songs n i am honored that you
Posted by asssagar on 09/14/2008.
Good stuff! Well done!! 5***** for you
friend!! Kisses
Posted by girlyroy on 09/03/2008.
thnx a lot girlroy!! Its an indian
version of indonesian song Tak Bisakha!!
Cheers!! Kisses n hugs for u.
Posted by asssagar on 09/04/2008.
like this song. YOu sound very
comfortable singing. Good job.
Posted by goatea on 08/18/2008.
Thanks Buddy!! I am glad that you liked
the song!! Cheers!!
Posted by asssagar on 08/22/2008.
its nice...!!
ur feel fr da song is mesmerizing!!
Posted by aashima on 07/21/2008.
Thanks aashima!! I know it could had
been better...
I think when i'll get time i'll record
it again for everyone who likes this
Posted by asssagar on 07/21/2008.
Thanks for all Lu!!
I felt great that you came and
Actually i m not much on midomi these
I would love if you would sing this
I m going to translate it for diva,
so will give it to you too!!
Ya diva did a great job, n i want her
to sing it again with proper playback..
it will be great!!
Posted by asssagar on 07/21/2008.
So THIS is the inspiration for Diva's

Yes, yes, I understand, now, how Diva
became so captivated. Very good, Sagar.
Well, done!
Posted by HowardH on 07/14/2008.
Thanks Howard!!!
I'm tryin to record more good songs
when i get time!!
Posted by asssagar on 07/14/2008.
Hi Sagar! After listen to our friend
Diva's rendition, I came here to listen
to you too! :) Really good job!!! I
can't get this song out of my head now ,
oh my! ahahaha
Oh and good luck with your exams too!
:) hugs and kisses from Spain!
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/12/2008.
Thanks a lot fallingsta for coming!!!
It felt really nice that you liked this
song!!! It has become famous!! hehehe..
I've listened many of ur songs n I'm a
fan of urs.. !!!!
Thanks for your well wishes!!
kisses from india
Posted by asssagar on 07/12/2008.
Hey there!
Good job on this song :)
Keep up the good work.
Oh and the background music was good as
well. It ain't that easy to find a good
hindi karaoke track.
Posted by Scalawag on 07/11/2008.
yeah!!! i found it on the net
somewhere!!! Thanks Scalawag!!
U must be knowing that Pritam copied
this song from a Korean movie.. hehe
neways.. it was not a very good effort
though, but still the music made it to
no. 1, but i ws a bit disappointed. Will
try 2 b better...
Posted by asssagar on 07/11/2008.
Thnks dude.. I was a not so good try i
suppose. Dont know how it made it. Will
try 2 be better next time.
Posted by asssagar on 06/25/2008.
Lets celebrate the first position!!!
Kissessssssssssssssssssss from Brazil!
Posted by Rayo on 06/24/2008.
Wowwwww!!!!!! I dont know how this
miracle happened Rayo!!
I think its you who've done that. ;)
hehehe. It was just another song
yesterday and it reached here overnite.
:D I think there's something wrong with
I didnt even bribed them!!.. hehe. Most
of the credit goes to you for listening
it 1st and bringing it here. Thanks for
Posted by asssagar on 06/24/2008.
U deserve all the credits coz this
rendition is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!
The Midomi is rigth!
Congratulationssss, again!
And d|_|
Like Diva!!!!!ehehehe
Posted by Rayo on 06/24/2008.
Ahaaaaaaaaaaa! This one is on #3 in up
and comming and I was the first
iiiiiiii! Congratullations my friend, U
Posted by Rayo on 06/23/2008.
Thanks a lot Diva!!!
It was only possible to come in the
front page due to your response and
appriciation. I am very sorry for not
posting more songs yet :( but i'm having
my exams n m currently in my hostel
where i'm living wid roomies. So its not
possible 2 record here u see.
I'll be back as soon as I get a chance,
n i'm gonna keep my promise. :D
Lots of love from India.!!
Posted by asssagar on 06/23/2008.
Sagar, my friend, I usually come to
celebrate with my friends when they get
the front page with a song, so, here I
am, please, allow me to celebrate this
with you! :D I really loved this, and I
was very glad when I saw it on the front
page. I'll eagerly be waiting for more,
as you promised! :D
Congratulations and many hugs from this
Brazilian friend of yours,
Posted by diva-br on 06/23/2008.
Everybody's love and appreciation
brought this effort to #3 in midomi up
and coming, though it was not worth it
as I feel. Thank you all guys, i'll try
to be better next time!!
Posted by asssagar on 06/23/2008.
Posted by bhentongbo on 06/21/2008.
Thanks a lot! I was very much impressed
by ur music tastes.
I liked that you appriciated hindi
song, i'll post more
Posted by asssagar on 06/22/2008.
well done pal
Posted by kbazmi on 06/19/2008.
Thanks a lot.. aapke gaane bhi bahut
khoobsurat hain... I m very thankful for
the comment.
Posted by asssagar on 06/20/2008.
flawless performance.......

where did u get the music from.....?
Posted by haimsley on 06/18/2008.
thanku thanku.. hehe... it was on some
site only.. searched for hindi midi.
Posted by asssagar on 06/19/2008.
Wowow, I liked this, I surely did! Thank
you very much, Sagar for sharing this,
straight to my playlist it goes. :D
I must thank Rayo too, for having
suggested I came to listen to this one,
knowing how fond I am of World Music - I
know very little about music from India,
apart from Karunesh, from which I have a
collection :))
Please, may I request more of this? ;)
Thank you in advance, my friend. :D
Hugsss from Brazil,
Posted by diva-br on 06/18/2008.
Its a pleasure that you liked and
appriciated the song. And thanks again
for adding it to your playlist.. :)
I love your music enthusiasm.. and sure
will record more good hindi songs!! Hugs
from India.. it will be great to
introduce more hindi songs to you..!!!
Posted by asssagar on 06/18/2008.
:))) Oh, really kind of you, thanks a
lot! I'll be looking forward to it then.
Posted by diva-br on 06/18/2008.
Its a beautiful song! A sweet melode,
and your voice is so sweet too!!!I dont
know the words (the lyric) but I
loved!!!!Great rendition!!!!!!!
Posted by Rayo on 06/12/2008.
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