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Age: 29
Hometown: Lecco, Italy
About me:
An Italian boy who has a dream: become a singer!!! But I think it'll remain just a dream... I hope I'll be a good com...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 08/14/2012
Notes: Hi guys, this is my comeback on Midomi, a funny cover of Limp Bizkit's "Faith". You can find all my new covers on my YouTube channel including this one and much more! :)
0_0 mmm it's amazing! =)))) love it
Posted by Sun_Dianka on 04/20/2013.
SUPER GREAT))nice voice and everything)
Posted by Tane4ka on 04/13/2013.
Your rough like voice is impressive.
Posted by SINGBIRD_J on 09/03/2012.
pleasant..performance good...stars to
Posted by kryspaul on 08/15/2012.
a great song from george michael, but I
don't like his version.. this one is
much more better =) and you did a great
cover here.. 5 stars 4 sure :D
Posted by sparchead on 08/14/2012.
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