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Recorded: 11/24/2008
Notes: blah
I don't know how to say this... It's the
first time I heard this song, but... I
really and truly enjoyed your singing
here. One of best male voices I've heard
here for sure, no joking :)
Posted by Lec3CT on 08/11/2009.
OMG...thank u very very much!!!
Posted by akosiuno on 09/07/2009.
Posted by renesmee09 on 01/12/2009.
Thank you very much! its so nice to hear
from you... =)
Posted by akosiuno on 01/12/2009.
wonderful voice~


Posted by jing_93120 on 01/07/2009.
thank you very much jing!!! mmmwaah!
Posted by akosiuno on 01/08/2009.
owh nice renditions..^_^
Posted by ruxzel16 on 12/29/2008.
is it? thanks to you... hehe!
Posted by akosiuno on 12/31/2008.
I really enjoyed listening this song.
Very well sung:)
5stars for ya
and comment some of my songs too..ill
be happy :)
with love Lucy
and Marry Xmas:)
Posted by BrokenLulu on 12/10/2008.
hi there Lulu! thanks very much for
taking time to listen to my recording...
Happy Holidays! =)
Posted by akosiuno on 12/13/2008.
nice voice man!!!
Posted by karlyn on 12/09/2008.
thanks karlyn! u have nice recordings as
well... =)
Posted by akosiuno on 12/13/2008.
Thank you very much Muriel... u sound
sweet... =)
Posted by akosiuno on 12/01/2008.
Nice rendition!
Posted by muriel.liu on 11/30/2008.
Thanks very much for having this
featured today, November 26, 2008. =)
Posted by akosiuno on 11/25/2008.
LOL! yeah thats what they have in their
database but yes let me change it
manually... thanks for appreciating
this... ;)
Posted by akosiuno on 11/25/2008.
Nice. well-deserved to be featured.
However, don't you think that the title
Posted by septem2080 on 11/25/2008.
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