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Recorded: 12/14/2006
your voice is amazing :)
Posted by MissVee on 06/17/2011.
omg...amzng voice
Posted by Ziel on 10/25/2009.
amazing!!!! 5 stars xx
Posted by diamondswg on 08/18/2009.
What voice, OMG! +___+
Posted by inesL on 08/06/2009.
OMG, your voice is incredible *-*
Posted by LetzteTag on 08/02/2009.
Beautiful voice!
Posted by shark85 on 07/26/2009.
VEry interesting singing, please listen
to my songs, best regads from Adam
Posted by ADAMB on 07/25/2009.
ottima voce ed interpretazione, stelle e
comlimenti da parte mia, credo anche che
con la musica sotto non avresti rivali,
ciao da antonio (REVENGE)
Posted by revenge on 07/19/2009.
Posted by TerrieMac on 07/16/2009.
Nice interpretation....Michael would
have been proud.
Posted by rim on 07/14/2009.
love it!
Posted by jennifer on 12/27/2006.
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