Ode to Billy Joe
Mary Kadderly
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Recorded: 02/24/2007
Hey I love your version of this :D. You
tell the story well :D. check out my
rendition if you like.
Posted by mushy on 08/30/2007.
Posted by babu25 on 04/23/2007.
I liked it... it catches soul
;)... greetings from Chile bye!
Posted by Nymphran on 04/20/2007.
this is fantastic veronica! Look forward
to hearing more from you :)
Posted by Melvin on 04/20/2007.
I always like learning something new so
thanks w00fdawg!
Posted by Naz on 04/19/2007.
Thanks Naz - I didn't want to be
preachy, just wanted to give a bit of
info - and this song has a story to
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/19/2007.
Great performance and amazing voice!

And, w00fdawg, thanks for your
insightful comment! It's nice to be
prompted to stop and think about
something on a different level!
Posted by Naz on 04/19/2007.
thanks so much! i'm new to this but its
Posted by veronica on 04/22/2007.
I would urge any listeners to take a bit
of time and listen to whole song and all
the words - this is one the most
interesting songs I can think of that
tells a story, and it tells it in such a
subtle, throwaway style - very unusual
narrative structure .......... Bobbie
Gentry does a great performance if you
check on YouTube - and Veronica here
does a great job of singing a
deceptively difficult song. Also there
is an interesting article on this song
and what it means on wiki.

This song popped into my head for some
reason yesterday, and when I listened to
it again after not hearing it for years,
I was just knocked out by it.
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/19/2007.
You're right, I think the story is cool
too :D. I sung a rendition of this too,
but in a slightly higher key :). And I
only did a clip of it. The whole song is
great for the story.
Posted by mushy on 08/30/2007.
This is fantastic - I was going to try
and sing it but just couldn't get the
low note on "Bridge" but you have it
nailed. Please come back and sing some

This is a great song............... by
Bobbie Gentry......... and a creepy
story too.
Posted by w00fdawg on 04/18/2007.
you're a star! this was unbelievable
Posted by babu25 on 02/25/2007.
good, very good
Posted by Kiyoshi on 02/24/2007.
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