Grazie Perchè
Gianni Morandi
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Recorded: 02/12/2011
Notes: As this song requires, an Italian and a non-Italian are singing together here :) heheheh... thanks a lot dear friend for singing this so beautifully despite language problem :) you're really amazing :)
Beh nell'originale di straniero c'era
lei ahahahahahaha MEGLIO INVERTIRE I
RUOLI ehehehehehehe Non ho la più
pallida idea di chi possa essere che
canta con te ma è lo stesso,il
risultato è ECCEZIONALE.
P.S.l'ho cantata ieri sera(1 aprile
2011 n.d.r.,non è un"pesce":D:D:D)al
KARAOKE ma mannaggia lei era brava si ma
non quanto te .................
Posted by brusal57 on 04/02/2011.
Posted by mks2208 on 03/26/2011.
Ehhh you should know him ;) no idea? :D

By the way, thanks a lot for your
compliments, as always :) too kind :)
Posted by simmy on 04/02/2011.
Quien canta con te?? dishantmid ???
bellisimo duetto mia cara***** Clap
Clap Clap*********
Posted by pagarvi on 02/22/2011.
It's not Dishant :)
Thanks for liking it Patricia :)
Posted by simmy on 02/25/2011.
Wow very nice simmy. Really amazing
singing by both of u. Keep it up
God bless u.
Posted by dishantmid on 02/20/2011.
Thank you Dishant :) I'm happy you liked
our effort to do this good :)
Posted by simmy on 02/20/2011.
Thanks Sim for singing n sharing it. I
al listening it and enjoy harmony out of
it. it's very powerful singing..if I
have to try it..I can't try even..but I
appreciate you do lots of music in Hindi
and without hesitation I can say it's
one of the best among I listen on
Midomi. ye to Tarein zamin par hai..God
Bless Honey! Love Music and thanks for
sharing it..Mujhe Yaad hai..What I wrote
you last time..Thanks for singing n
sharing it once again..
Posted by koku on 02/21/2011.
Thank you sir for your words.. it's
indeed a pleasure and a honour for me to
have met you here on midomi... thank you
for your constant support to me.
God bless you sir.
Posted by simmy on 02/21/2011.
E alloraaa, grandissimi!!!
Ho ascoltato presissimo, apprezzato
l'eccellente performance, l'intreccio
vocale fenomenale (a "tendo la maaanoo"
ho avuto i brividi), solo che ancora non
ho capito CHI è il fortunato partner :D
e non v'è menzione alcuna in alcun
loco.. è un quiz?
La cosa incredibile è che ha lo stesso
timbro di Morandi!! preciso, non trovi??
Posted by Heracleum on 02/13/2011.
Hahahah infatti!! L'ho notato anch'io...
specie in "maaano" hahaha... l'ho scelto
bene eh? :) hihi..

Allora... il partner... tu sei il primo
che lo chiede hahaha... mi chiesto lui
di non essere menzionato, per vedere se
qualcuno lo riconosceva :D ma a quanto
pare nessuno ci ha neanche provato ad
indovinare hahaha..
vabbè tu non credo lo conosca...
Cmq grazie dei complimenti e
dell'ascolto... e della playlist :D ci
fa molto piacere :)
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
Eheheh Un po' come il mio quiz sulla
voce robotizzata in twilight di mike:
nessuno c'ha capito 'na matza :D
Non so, provate a lanciare il quiz
ufficialmente invitando e stimolando
tentativi? :)
Aspetta ora provo io...
Posted by Heracleum on 02/13/2011.
Uhm.. Koku by chance?
no eh :)
Posted by Heracleum on 02/13/2011.
Na :) ... ma ci sei con la nazione
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
I Dont know the meanings of the song but
i liked it...italian is typical wife asks me whats grazie
perke..i said "u can ask simmy" ha
hahahh!!!you are really a good teacher
Posted by glowworm on 02/14/2011.
Ehehehe :) I'll give u a hint: "Thank
you, because..." ur always supporting, n
always kind n nice, nd nd nd..... Thank
you because u commented on this :)
Im happy you liked it :)
Posted by simmy on 02/14/2011.
bellissima performance,grazie...perchè italiano [ogni tanto ci
vuole]hai un partner vocale giusto x la
Tua voce è veramente un bel duetto, "da
Posted by kryspaul on 02/12/2011.
Hai ragione, mannaggia... dovremmo
cantare di più in italiano :)
sicuramente riproporremo altri duetti :)
e speriamo che ti piacciano ugualmente
:) Grazie Paolo, sai sempre cosa dire :)
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
non sono complimenti gratuiti,avete due
belle voci e molta professionalità,
avete fatto " a beautiful performance "e
ne farete altrettanto belle
Posted by kryspaul on 02/13/2011.
Simmy! How beautiful both of you sang
here. ***** Non è un italiano? Sounds
like he could be, for sure.
Posted by HowardH on 02/12/2011.
:) He does sound so eh? hehehe..
Thank you Howard, for liking this :)
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
Hey Howard, (I'm curious) did you
recognise the tune? you do know the
song, I know that.. for sure! eheheh
Posted by Heracleum on 02/13/2011.
Yeah, Hera, there was a country music
duet here, sung to this same melody. But
the lyrics seem to be pretty
Posted by HowardH on 02/13/2011.
Yeah that's the song, funny you chose
those 'fresh' singers, not
K.Rogers+S.Easton.. I know that even a
lovely brazilian girl and an italian guy
did that duet a couple years ago ehehe
Posted by Heracleum on 02/14/2011.
Ah, yas! K.Rogers+S.Easton!
(LOL. I couldn't remember who had sung
it. And Christeen, who usually remembers
things like that, was no help this time,
Posted by HowardH on 02/14/2011.
Ahahah Ok, I give up, no luck on
proposing quizzes and giving hints on
these days LOL
(Lusi and me did that song in duet :D)
Posted by Heracleum on 02/14/2011.
Hahaha... uno ha indovinato anche se non
l'ha detto esplicitamente qui hahaha :)

L'ho sentita la vostra :) mi sa che la
commentai anche...
Posted by simmy on 02/14/2011.
Haha, hints don't work with me. Too
dense. Even now that you've said it, I
barely remember that duet. (And of
course, Lusi has deleted everything,
Posted by HowardH on 02/14/2011.
Cavolooooo l'ho capita solo adesso anche
ioooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D
sono senza speranze hahahahah...
Posted by simmy on 02/14/2011.
Hello the "duetistes"
Very nicely done.
triggering souvenirs...
Amazing indeed. I am not Italian of
course, but ... I would have an issue
saying one of you is not...
Great singing.
Posted by Mike_P on 02/12/2011.
Hehehe :) I have that issue too in many
points of the song :) he was really very
good :)
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
BTW... how about YOUR Italian??? ;)
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
:):):):):) !!!

Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
Thanks a lot Divya :) Happy to get your
comment here :)
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
Questo è grande ... e bravo
Posted by rosamusic on 02/12/2011.
Grazie Gégé :D
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
gud duet very nice singing :) very
nice... keep up the good wrk... nice to
hear ur voices :) whoz singing along? :)
.... gud wrk by both of u.... :)
***************** jee
Posted by kodax4 on 02/13/2011.
:) thank u jee :) happy to know u liked
our rendition :)

Who's singing along... ehehe.. really
no idea? :D
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
is that u :D
Posted by kodax4 on 02/13/2011.
hahahah no
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
Ohhhhhoooooooooo....just amazing....both
of are just
simmering with your sweet
voice.......terrific perfomance.....!!!
Posted by kpramod on 02/12/2011.
Thank you so much Pramod :) I'm really
happy you liked it :) he did a great job
with Italian :)
Posted by simmy on 02/13/2011.
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