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A teacher by profession,loves music and dance
Ramaiya Vastavaiya
Manna Dey
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Recorded: 05/02/2011
Notes: Lata-Rafi_Mukesh triplet from Shree 420
Wow!!! What a lovely song.....& a
beautiful rendition Radha ji & Chander
ji.....Loved it!
Posted by Sarita2012 on 05/12/2011.
Thanx, Saritaji
Posted by schandar20 on 05/12/2011.
Posted by kberry on 05/05/2011.
Thanx, Kamleshjiii. Without your
comments, our singing is incomplete.
Posted by schandar20 on 05/05/2011.
beautifull |
Posted by mr.google on 05/05/2011.
Thanx, Mr Google
Posted by schandar20 on 05/05/2011.
Waah!!!Waah!!!!Doston this is superb
standard singing...very impressive duet
chandar bhai/radhaji..perfect rendition
from singing and recording point of
view******************************** **
Posted by moses123 on 05/03/2011.
Thanx, Mosesbhai. Kindly see my message
to you - Chandar
Posted by Radha21 on 05/03/2011.
Wonderful dot Radha !!!
What a beautiful green photo you added
!!!! delighted my soul by your singing
too !!!!! dear Chandar and you are
wonderful couple !!!!Loves
Posted by skjaindoha on 05/05/2011.
well sung aap dono ne.perfacto.
Posted by DOSTI on 05/03/2011.
Thanx, Ajitbhai - Chandar
Posted by Radha21 on 05/03/2011.
radha ji , yeh geet bachapan se sun raha
hu or aapne bahut hee acha gaaya hai,
chander bhai bhi lajawaab hai , kyuki
mukesh ji iss geet mein hai aapne mujhe
kyo yaad nahi kiya , radha ji aap bahut
hee talented hai kyuki maine yeh
observer kiya aapki singing se, kyuki
mein khudh singing seekh raha hu
peechale teen saal se, chander bhai aap
acha guide karte yeh mujhe pata hai, yeh
duet acha hai,aap dono ne acha gaaya
hai, god bless both of u .
Posted by rampalss7 on 05/03/2011.
Thanx, Rampalji. Kyunki ye gaana 5
minutes se zyaada hai, Mukeshji ka
portion ko share nahin kar paaye. But,
Chandar has sung that portion also.
Posted by Radha21 on 05/03/2011.
Posted by Radha21 on 05/03/2011.
wah mast kar diya radha chander duo is
creating magic on midomi these days wah
Posted by dr.pravin on 05/03/2011.
Thanx, Dr Pravinji.
Posted by Radha21 on 05/03/2011.
Well recorded and well sung Radha and
Chandar. Regards and God bless,
Posted by D.S.Maniam on 05/03/2011.
Thanx, DS
Posted by Radha21 on 05/03/2011.
Wow.....simply fantastic.....what a
beautiful performance of one of the very
melodious songs.....very nicely
done....keep it up!!
Posted by kpramod on 05/03/2011.
Thanks, Pramodji.
Posted by Radha21 on 05/03/2011.
ek sadabahar song ko aap donon ne bahut
achha gaaya h*********************
Posted by sk.sikar on 05/03/2011.
Thanx, Surendrabhai.
Posted by schandar20 on 05/03/2011.
well done duo chanderji and radha ji.
This song is well recorded and clear
Bahut achcha gaya hai,stars
Posted by Ghufran on 05/02/2011.
Thanx, Ghufranji.
Posted by Radha21 on 05/02/2011.
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