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Recorded: 09/25/2014
Notes: This song is a "Thank You" for all midomi-amigo's on facebook, and all midomi-friends not on facebook who have 'liked' my son on facebook lately... He left a note on his piano video too on facebook, I copy it here in English:----------"Hi all ! So here, after a long wait, the results of the competition were announced, and I finished first for Namur station, and second for the national competition, all stations combined. I therefore did not win the piano, but am also very pleased with this experience and I would like again to thank sincerely all those who voted for me! I didn't have as much of support when I decided to participate in the contest, and there's no more beautiful gift than to see all your positive feedback and encouragement in recent months! Again a huge thank you to you all, so this is only a start to many other upcoming musical adventures!"------- Of course, studies restarted now, and he has not much time, but here's just a little example of a live moment again where I'm singing together with my son :)
:) - I was listening to this on my mp3
player minutes ago, and I still have to
say that I love it so much and would
love to listen to the whole song sung
and played by the both of you. :)
Posted by diva-br on 11/05/2016.
Dear, you know what?
I like this version of yours much more
than I liked the original.
Indeed, I do!
Do you think you both could record the
whole song someday, please?
I'd love to have it to listen to,
whenever I feel like, ;) - And I must
confess it'd be often. :)
Posted by diva-br on 02/14/2015.
Front page, wooohoooo - well deserved, I
must say! :D

d|_| |_|b

Please, now, mooooore, ok? :D

Posted by diva-br on 11/09/2014.
I was not present to notice but... so
lovely you did remark it!
Big Beestje 2U2 ;)
Posted by misspronce on 11/11/2014.
One of my favourite songs done
Posted by fonzie on 11/02/2014.
Hey thank you a lot, Fonzie!
We liked the song too, and had a moment
of real fun to sing and play this 'live'
in real time!
Glad you appreciated!
Posted by misspronce on 11/11/2014.
Ik had nog niet de kans om hier te
reageren Lara maar jullie zijn een
superstel....bravo!!!!! Jammer van die
piano maar als ik het zo hoor dan komt
die er wel.
Posted by rosamusic on 11/01/2014.

Hallooo Gertje ;)
Zo blij je hier te zien! Ja, hij heeft
een mooie kans gemist en werd op het
allerlaatste moment voorbijgestreefd
door een 'professionnal' maar hij nam
het goed op en heeft het volste
vertrouwen in zichzelf en in de
toekomst, piano of geen piano.
Toch bedankt voor je stem hier en op
FB! Tot ziens?
Posted by misspronce on 11/11/2014.
Ohhh, myyyy!!! Wonderful, simply
wonderful! :D
Coincidence or not, I've listened to
this song for the first time on Youtube
this afternoon... Now, I come to listen
to Lara, and find this recording from
the both of you! Elric, you are not
awesome only when you play, but also
when you sing, boy! <--Amazed here, and
happy to have had the opportunity to
listen to you both performing together -
BUT it was not fair, such a short
recording, leaving me with the feeling
of "Mooore, pls, mooore..." :*(
Beestjesssss, amiga,
Posted by diva-br on 11/01/2014.
Hey Diva! I'm so happy to see you! Well
yes, I'm not so surprised when someone
tells me it's the first time to hear
this song... or another song... it
happens to me all the time too :D
So many years, so many artists, so many
songs...and yet... Something we fall on
something special and we cannot explain
Sorry for the shortness of recording,
but it was like "one take, one moment,
unprepared, after some glasses of wine"
and the rest of the song was not 'top'
I will do my best to convince him for
another recording, let's see what future
has in pockets. Thanks a lot for your
presence my dear!
Posted by misspronce on 11/11/2014.
oh and about your feeling of 'moore,pls
mooore'...maybe I can help with a little
suggestion of 'summertime sadness' that
we recorded in more or less same
conditions not long ago :)
Posted by misspronce on 11/11/2014.
lol, first, nooo, you don't show your
nose when everyone is gone - I've come
here very often lately... listening to
my talented friends has helped me get
more inspiration to create my bijoux. ;)
- And yes, I know that I could hear much
better sound quality at YT, where many
of my friends have their profiles,
but... Somehow I end up here, where it
all started. :D
Hmmm Brazilian wine can't be compared
to the famous ones around the world, but
if it were, I'd send you bottles and
bottles so that you and Elric could
agree on recording this song, as a
whole. :)
I'll listen to your suggestion right
away, woohooo - and thank you in advance
for the 'hint'. ;)
Miss you, amiga.
Posted by diva-br on 11/12/2014.
There is something "magical" in this
recording, no doubt! :) I do hope you
won't stop sharing this mother-son
collaborations, cause they are
brilliant, I like it so much!
And to your son, maybe he didn't won
the piano but he surely won a lot of
fans scattered all over the globe,
including me! Congrats to both of you :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 09/30/2014.
I promise you Moni, If I have something
that is worth to be uploaded, I'll share
it with you without hesitation! But his
studies are a priority for now, and he
has also personal musical projects to
finish, so... for any singing with 'MOM'
(lol ;) it takes an eternal patience
Thanks dear, and big hugs from Lara!
Posted by misspronce on 11/11/2014.
E finalmente una tua foto
Posted by brusal57 on 09/27/2014.
Oui mais...de quand j'avais 20 ans :P
Posted by misspronce on 09/27/2014.
E finalmente una mia foto...di ieri :)))

Posted by misspronce on 11/11/2014.
GRANDI Lara e figlio.........sono
contento che avendolo votato,posso
vederlo soddisfatto e spero che continui
col pianoforte,perché davvero
bravissimo e di potervi sentire,di nuovo
INSIEME .................... KISSSSSS
Posted by brusal57 on 09/27/2014.
Ah ... forse, lo spero ...
Gli studi non gli danno molto tempo per
suonare il pianoforte.
Nella nota ho messo nella parte
superiore della pagina ha ringraziato
tutti gli amici che hanno votato per
lui, con Google Traduttore sai
sicuramente capito.
Merci beaucoup Bruno, cela fait plaisir
de te voir à nouveau présent sur
midomi ce dernier temps!
Posted by misspronce on 09/27/2014.
one of my loved songs in these time
I listen this song in my radio-car when
im going to work :)
adorable <3 <3 <3
Posted by pagarvi on 09/26/2014.
Nice to see you again my dear, I
appreciate so much your presence! I
don't listen much to the radio in my car
anymore, I replaced it with a USB-stick
with all favourite songs of my best
friends :)) so they are never far away
from me...
Posted by misspronce on 09/29/2014.
dont know the song.. but what is more
beautiful than a mother doing music with
his son.. I feel a nice complicity and
he play with a lot of emotions.. I
wonder, how old is he?
Posted by sparchead on 09/25/2014.
euhh..husband and wife singing together
occasionally maybe ? Whole family
singing together?
Strangers in the metro singing
together? Don't know, so many occasions
can give something beautiful. But hey,
your comment is beautiful too, I really
appreciate every time;)
Even this tricky question hihi, well
today he's 19 :P
Posted by misspronce on 09/29/2014.
^^ you are really kind with the
suggestions hummm really I never saw
this angle before, God I see now!! :P
ahhh okay, I thought your son was a
young kid.. I understand now why he play
with that feeling!
et puis t'es bin mieux d'apprécier toi
ma snoro! sinon je vais commencé à
croire qu'elle se prend pour une vedette
la demoiselle, a vouloir trier les
commentaires de ses fans! heyyyyyy c'est
une plaisanterie là, ne me torture pas
avec tes réponses subtiles et songées,
repose toi tu le mérite :)
Posted by sparchead on 09/30/2014.
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