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Recorded: 09/10/2008
Notes: No one sings it like Aretha Franklin! i just love that woman's voice.
Great job again! =)
I like i like i like your singing!
Posted by Sun_Dianka on 06/21/2013.
Thanks Sun! I'm so glad that you like
Posted by DV8 on 06/23/2013.
Fantastic cover! I loved listening to
it. Please keep on singing :)
Posted by hinotori on 10/28/2008.
I'm happy you stopped by Hinotori! Thank
you for your encouraging words! I will
definitely keep singing! :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/28/2008.
But this song it isn't of Dionne
W.????????Your voice it's always
beautyful Diane.....kissses and stars
from Italy
Posted by brusal57 on 10/28/2008.
Hi Bruno - I think you are right that
both Dionne and Aretha did this song.
I'm not sure who did it first. Thank you
again for the comments, kisses and
stars! I will gladly take them all! LOL
Posted by DV8 on 10/28/2008.
you have a very rich tone and depth to
ur voice which i find mostly in big
singers today........so amazing and
lucky ;]
Posted by prirox on 10/28/2008.
Thank you so much again Prirox for
listening and such a great compliment.
It's funny - I typed a note earlier to
you and then I don't see it here, so I
apologize if this note is a duplicate!
I'mlucky to have you as a friend!
Posted by DV8 on 10/28/2008.
Hola DV, I´m from Argentina, I don´t
speak english sorry, but thanks for your
beautiful words over me. I love Aretha
and this song is very nice, Your voice
is fantastic ansowe rendition. God bless
you friend.
Posted by adr1anam on 10/27/2008.
Thanks for your kind words adr1anam. I
wish I could speak to you in your native
language! :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/27/2008.
well done.. wkd rendition.. thank you
for all your lovely comments.. your
brilliant aswell.. ill let u know how i
do in the contest.. 6 days which is
Thanks again.. keep talkin,. xx
Posted by kalee on 10/22/2008.
Thanks Kalee! Good Luck. Let me know how
it goes. I'll be rooting for you! :)
Posted by DV8 on 10/22/2008.
you sing really good!
you must be a famous star sing!!
try it, i´m sure you can ^^
5 * again!!
Posted by Khyma on 10/21/2008.
Your comment makes me smile! I wish I
was a famous star! Thank you so much for
your rating too! :)Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/21/2008.
Are you professional singer? beautifull,
great job:)
Posted by aga000111 on 10/20/2008.
Wow - I wish I was! Thank you for such a
great compliment! :) Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/20/2008.
your voice has great range and tone. you
have a very good strong voice love it

Well done

Posted by ELJONO on 10/17/2008.
Thanks E! That was such a nice comment!
:) Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/17/2008.
Amazing....*o* You're a great singer!
Posted by gata on 10/16/2008.
Thank you Gata! Your comment makes me
smile! :) Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/16/2008.
A big kiss to you for such nice comments
Lu! Thank you! :) Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/15/2008.
You have a well modulated powerful
voice, and have sung this song
wonderfully. It has been a pleasure to
hear it in your voice.
Posted by magnetron on 10/08/2008.
Thank you so much for your compliments.
I'm glad you enjoyed my version. :) XXX
Posted by DV8 on 10/08/2008.
OooOOOoo how i can sing in english as
you!! :)))
Posted by pagarvi on 10/06/2008.
Wow - you don't need to sing like me.
Your voice is fantastic! I thoroughly
enjoy all of your renditions! Thank you
a million times over for your lovely
Posted by DV8 on 10/06/2008.
I enjoyed your version a lot :)
Posted by SFbeLL on 09/15/2008.
Thanks. That means a lot to me coming
from someone who has a fantastic voice!
Posted by DV8 on 09/15/2008.
Ooh yeah you sing gooood! 5******
Posted by Cocoliche on 09/14/2008.
You are too kind - thank you!!!
Posted by DV8 on 09/14/2008.
baby, I am in love with your voice hun.
You are so gooooooood!!!!!
Posted by mirefel on 09/14/2008.
Thank you Angie!
Posted by DV8 on 09/14/2008.
Posted by angie0619 on 09/13/2008.
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