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Recorded: 08/08/2007
hey baby!not bad!!!!!
Posted by tohidtnt on 09/18/2011.
Very nice. I like. ;]
Posted by ievute321 on 07/27/2011.
the next enrique iglesias..hehe
Posted by kaykeyi135 on 05/21/2010.
woow u sound very nice i like that
Posted by nezoo on 02/23/2009.
like real thing
Posted by Raptor.13 on 01/27/2009.
I very much like to hear your voice,
really good listen. Come on!
Posted by 32145 on 08/19/2008.
awesome voice n awesome singing ....
Posted by Zaarajb on 08/03/2008.
Posted by silbaril on 07/29/2008.
so cute. :) awesome.
Posted by beebee on 07/27/2008.
wooahh, !! awesome!!
Posted by jess_park on 07/21/2008.
awesome voice!
Posted by LameAppeal on 07/12/2008.
Thanks LampeAppeal
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/04/2008.
what a great voice you have keep em
Posted by titch on 07/06/2008.
thank you!!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/04/2008.
great singing pal. U've got a great
voice. 5***** for you. This song is now
in my playlist
Posted by asssagar on 06/30/2008.
thank you for your 5*****

Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/04/2008.
Grazie!!! :D
Posted by Milord_Gi on 06/29/2008.
Posted by kulli on 06/25/2008.
wow!!!!! ur voice is great
Posted by kritika on 06/25/2008.
Posted by Milord_Gi on 06/29/2008.
Wow!!! It's another 5***** from me. x
Posted by loubougal on 06/12/2008.
Thank you for your 5stars ;)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 06/13/2008.
what are you a dom headid
Posted by shaqauze3d on 05/29/2008.
you hv got a really fantastic voice...
Posted by SAMRUDDHI on 05/27/2008.
*__* Thaaaaank youuuu!!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 05/31/2008.
nice dude
Posted by divk on 05/17/2008.
Thank you divk!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 05/31/2008.

May I have a Plastic Surgery??

T_T am I So ugly? :P

Lol thank you binix!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 04/16/2008.
wo!!! you sound sooo much like the
original!!!! should really try out
celebrity doubles!! ul surely win (with
some plastic surgery) great going!!!
Posted by binix on 04/15/2008.
ur great OMG ur voice is amazing
Posted by anoose on 04/15/2008.
Posted by Milord_Gi on 04/16/2008.

Gentilissima.. Grazie davvero.. sono
felicissimo che ti piaccia..
Posted by Milord_Gi on 04/11/2008.
nn posso credere d nn avere ancora
commentato questa... è dolcissima! mi
sto sciogliendo... le 5 stelline te le
meriti tutte!
Posted by jt_kriss on 04/10/2008.
Thank you sooo much Debeb..

I know, I have to sing something new..

Posted by Milord_Gi on 04/07/2008.
You're very good milord. You must add
new songs u_u
Posted by Deneb01 on 04/07/2008.
i love it
Posted by trusted on 04/01/2008.
i love it
Posted by trusted on 04/01/2008.
grande Milord bellissima davvero!!
Posted by nd82 on 03/31/2008.
Grazie davvero..
Posted by Milord_Gi on 04/07/2008.
Posted by Milord_Gi on 03/30/2008.
this is awesome
Posted by shell-bell on 03/27/2008.
you're too kind, juias!!

Really really really thanks!!!! *__*
Posted by Milord_Gi on 03/12/2008.
this guy is talented and i'm crazzy
about his music.everything he do i like
Posted by junias on 03/12/2008.
i can be your hero babe ... beautiful
voice Milord:)
Posted by EELIYAH on 03/11/2008.
Thank you sooooo much Eeliyah!!!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 03/12/2008.
O_O what did u say? XD

I haven't understooc!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 02/08/2008.
ładny masz głos......:)
Posted by Jenifer951 on 02/07/2008.
thank you belinda!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/27/2008.
wow, sounds great! you have a very nice
voice. Please listen to my recordings
and comment them..;)
Posted by belinda89 on 01/26/2008.
Thank you so much :D
Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/20/2008.
wow ! cool ,from where did you got this
feeling to sing like that !! lOol !!
you're great , go on ,& please listen to
my recording & comment it !lol
Posted by girlmusic on 01/20/2008.
I'll record many songs, don't worry LOL

thanks ;)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/09/2008.
I love your voice, you've got that
feeling! Keep on recording, please!
Posted by Isabelle89 on 01/07/2008.
oh my got !! You're amazing !!

i love ur Voice ;*
Posted by Cycu1492 on 01/07/2008.
Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/09/2008.
fantasic voice... very deep and
emotional.... great rendition..... close
to perfection.... :>
Posted by mr.jayar on 01/07/2008.
Really thank you 4 what you've said..

Posted by Milord_Gi on 01/09/2008.
what a beautiful voice! omg.. you sing
it better than iglesias!! :-) u are very
good.. please sing more!!!! i just..
just love ur voice!
Posted by mer on 12/12/2007.
Thank you soooooo much mer..

Don't worry, I'll sing many songs :P

Posted by Milord_Gi on 12/12/2007.
se devo essere sincera subito pensavo
fosse la versione live di enrique
iglesias. hehe non sto skerzando!
splendida interpretazione!
das ist toll!! =)
Posted by Allena on 12/10/2007.
Ma Daaaai..!!!

Grazie Mille.. sei gentilissma..

sono felice che ti sia piaciuta.. :)
Posted by Milord_Gi on 12/12/2007.
Graaaaassie!!! *__*
Posted by Milord_Gi on 12/10/2007.
^^ what a beautiful!!!
Posted by Allena on 12/09/2007. che fine hai fatto???o__O
sei sparito???
Posted by SIMO1988 on 11/13/2007.

thank you artina..

:D I'm glad you like my songs !
Posted by Milord_Gi on 11/13/2007.
Posted by artina on 11/12/2007.
thanks myxer!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 10/25/2007.
nicely done...
Posted by myxer5 on 10/25/2007.
Thank you so much, I'm glad hearin' you
sain' that!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 10/25/2007.
uhuhuhuhuh.. EBBENE Sììììì AhAhAh!

skerzi a parte (u_u)

Grassie grassie uhuhuh!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 10/06/2007.
sisi tu lo pensi e come!!! e lo pensiamo
tutti! sarai il nuovo enrique iglesias!!
Posted by puramnesia on 10/05/2007.

better than Iglesias?!?!...LOL

I don't think so.. but.. THANK YOUUU!!!

Posted by Milord_Gi on 10/05/2007.
grazie mille eleonorina :D :D :D
Posted by Milord_Gi on 09/24/2007.
bella...emozionante...BRAVO BRAVO
BRAVO!5 stelline..
Posted by Eleonorina on 09/24/2007.
thank you so much lisa.. ;***
Posted by Milord_Gi on 09/22/2007.
you have a beautiful voice. keep up the
good work :D
Posted by on 09/22/2007.

*__* Really?!?!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 09/16/2007.
omg i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu
Posted by BrokenLulu on 09/15/2007.

U_U grazie della nomina ufficiale :D
Posted by Milord_Gi on 09/02/2007.
e allora mi vuoi proprio far venire la
malinconia oggi???...*__*
che tristessssa qst canzoncine che
Però c'è da dire che le canti
tristezza a palate
T nomino "Midomian sad songs' HERO"
Posted by SIMO1988 on 09/02/2007.
sono contento ke ti piaccia ^_^
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/29/2007.
Posted by Favilla on 08/29/2007.
thank you mushy!!
Posted by Milord_Gi on 08/18/2007.
Wow lovely almost as good as the
origional i'd buy your album if you had
Posted by mariaall on 09/09/2007.

LoL are you kiddin'??

Thank you soooooo much mariaall!!

: ****
Posted by Milord_Gi on 09/09/2007.
love this song. Good job :) rate me back
Posted by mushy on 08/17/2007.
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