Age: 32
Hometown: Russia
About me:
Hi everybody!My name is Michaella. I from Russia, I'm student at University, like to sing and dance. I hope you like it
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Recorded: 12/15/2007
Notes: =)
Posted by MATPOCKNH on 09/12/2011.
AMAZING!!!,...that is the most awesome
voice I have ever heard!!!...What a
wonderful voice you have...This song is
absolutely beautiful!!!
Posted by ryuceko3 on 02/14/2008.
hehe......ty so much=))))
Posted by Michaellka on 05/04/2008.
About one girl, all think she naive and
silly but just She frequently is
mistaken in love
Posted by Michaellka on 12/17/2007.
Very nice Michaellka!What the theme is?
Posted by normar on 12/16/2007.
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