Hometown: Hayward, California
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Recorded: 05/30/2008
some advice would be to sing lower and a
more country accent but its ok
Posted by lego.man15 on 01/11/2016.
Best rendition jjrwaves,want to listen
new recordings from you!
Posted by may-an on 01/05/2012.
Nice voice, I gave you four stars for
Folsom Prison
Posted by Neesee on 12/05/2011.
I like not your voice.
I find her ugly.
Fortunately that there are people who
sing well on this Earth.
Not me at least.
Posted by pupuce03 on 10/24/2008.
Hello pupuce03. I am sorry that you do
not like my singing, but that is ok. At
least you are honest about your opinion.
I wish you the best. Take care.
Posted by jjrwaves on 10/24/2008.
Hey Mr. Cash! I also forgot the stars...
i first have to orientate myself on this
platform ;))
Posted by emmyblue on 10/08/2008.
You got the feeling! Keep it up!
Posted by emmyblue on 10/02/2008.
My friend you are very good singing
songs of this genre that I love. You
have a voice and sounds like buenisima
authentic. I am pleased to be me who
will give way to this song and I do so
with 5 ***** for you.
More recording more, it is a pleasure
to hear you. this song go to my play
Posted by magnetron on 07/15/2008.
Hello magnetron! Thankyou very much for
the extremely written kind words. You
are very generous. Take care and
Posted by jjrwaves on 07/16/2008.
This is very, very nice...love this one
jjrwaves...GREAT!!!!! 5*****
congratulations... big hugs!
Posted by mitchie on 06/04/2008.
Hi mitchie. As always, thanks for the
words. I like doing this type of song,
as it is kind of a fun song. Again,
thanks, take care and goodluck.
Posted by jjrwaves on 06/08/2008.
Hallo my Friend,yes is good singing,play
you self gittar?Is very good!5* from me
my Frind!
Nice Day!
Posted by Dandytom on 05/30/2008.
Hi Dandytom, my friend. Thanks for the
kind words, again. Also, I do not play
the gittat, but I wish i did. Take care
and goodluck.
Posted by jjrwaves on 05/30/2008.
Wow!! Honey!! This is nice!! I like and
feel like to dance!! Hahahaha!! Come
here!! Dance with me !! You did a great
rendition!! You deserved 5 stars and
many kisses from your loving naughty
Posted by girlyroy on 05/30/2008.
Hi Baby! Nice words and thank you, but I
like the naughty part. Love ya.
Posted by jjrwaves on 05/30/2008.
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