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O meu coração não tem cor EUROVISION 1996
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Recorded: 04/01/2009
Notes: this portuguese song was one of the best in Eurovision 1996. Brilliant song!
Posted by bm_dede on 09/26/2011.
Posted by bm_dede on 09/26/2011.
nada ver
Posted by bm_dede on 09/26/2011.
Que voz tão doce! Muito querida mesmo.
Adorei =D
Posted by Cpt_BGL on 12/30/2010.
obrigada pelo comentario:) tenho pena é
de nao poder gravar por enquanto...nao
tenho micro:( beijinhos bom ano
Posted by sharah on 01/01/2011.
Posted by zcx90517 on 08/25/2009.
with you, it would have won the
Hello Sara, nice to see you around.
I like this one, although not
understainding a word... nice rythm,
clear voice.
Posted by Mike_P on 04/01/2009.
Hey Mike, I´m glad that you liked,
it´s a beautiful song.
PS: I'll send you the translation of
this song! In this song are lots of
references of portuguese portuguese
Posted by sharah on 04/02/2009.
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