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Recorded: 08/14/2010
Notes: Now this is something very special for me!:))) I am a big fan of Sade and love singing her songs. One day, a long while back, Guillermo proposed this one to me, and :-o ziummm I jumped to the opportunity! :D I asked him to help me with the harmonies, and I am so sooo very happy that he accepted! ;) In some places there are three vocals, and I think we managed to fade the original voices. It was meant to be only a test, but it is so very special to both of us that we decided to upload it. Guillermo, once again thank you MBL! What a pleasure it was to sing this one with you, I love the sound of our voices together, so please lets do some more, si? Geekkaa?? :D
SADE, una delle mie preferite in
assoluto, fantastica interpretazione,
bravissima, stelle, ciao ciao, se hai
tempo da perdere gradirei la tua
opinione su qualche mia registrazione,
grazie, ciao ciao
Posted by revenge on 07/25/2014.
Thanks again amico! Sade también de
nuestras preferidas, un abrazo! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/06/2014.
what a dark and smoky number! don't get
me wrong, it's a compliment.
Posted by septem2080 on 09/12/2010.
Thanks Dewi hon, for such "stylish"
compliment! ;)
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/06/2014.
Moni and Guillermo !! wow! excellent
fusion you did a great job the duet is
perfect i love it
Posted by sweetsoni on 08/29/2010.
Hola Sonia! :) Thank you, dear, I am
very happy you liked this one, fusion, I
love the word ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/31/2010.
;) i mean it :)
Posted by sweetsoni on 08/31/2010.
hmm...moni gets more and more sensuel
hehe...this is really your style, just
like Norah Jones ! Guillermo's voice is
absolutely surprising in the song too
;)! I was waiting for the mp3 to try
and find traces of sade's voice...hihi..
but it is not necessary, the entity is
great and has a lot of charme ^_^
Posted by misspronce on 08/18/2010.
Hahaha who? meeee? ;))) Gracias Lara!
Yes, isnt Guillermo's voice great for
this style too? :D I've always liked
Sade very much , and I'm so lucky to
have such a fantastic duet partner here
This was a superquick duet, made "on
the go" and the original mp3 I think
its in mono too, thats why no MP3 link
Thanks for visiting, hun, and btw it is
nice to see your usual avatar back
again... but I wonder... how long will
it last? ;)
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/31/2010.
..great performance. 2professional
singers, very nice liste yours..starssss
Posted by kryspaul on 08/17/2010.
Grazie mille Paolo!! :))) It is always
a great pleasure to sing with Guillermo,
and you always make me very happy when
you visit me, grande abraccio, my
friend! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/31/2010.
Ahh Moni & Guil
Thanks for this "voice mAssage"!
(no, not a typo jajaja :D)
Posted by Heracleum on 08/17/2010.
Hahaha very relaxing isnt it? And I love
the harmonies here too, gracias
hermanito!! ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/31/2010.
Posted by Mike_P on 08/14/2010.
Again... A great great duet.
Two great voices fitting so well.

And this was meant to be just a test?
Well please, test again and again and
again my friends.
And why not, more Sade...

Posted by Mike_P on 08/14/2010.
First indeed (again LOL) you're fast,
Mike, even with little hiccups like mine
today hehehe (^_^)
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/14/2010.
Ahh so you like Sade too! :D I also
have this CD , its one of my
favourites... and all I can say
is...stay tunned ;)))

Yeah Mike, this was recorded quite a
while ago, and kind of like a test,
hehe I enjoyed so much to do the double
layers, and Guillermo's voice is great
for the male part and the harmonies,
IMHO :)))
Gracias Miguel! ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/14/2010.
..............Wow..........really is a
so sensual music.......Estoy disfrutando
esta canción........"love this again"
......He quedado encantada :O)
Posted by pagarvi on 08/14/2010.
Gracias hermanita!! :D De verdad que el
estilo de Sade es muy sensual y muy
personal, ufff fue un regalote el haber
podido hacer este dueto con Guillermo!!
Gracias de corazon Patri,
TQM!! :)))
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/15/2010.
Moni, you and Guillermo sound so
smooooothe together. Very Sade-ish.

This is so pretty and jazzy!
And the lyrics are right on.
I didn't know this one before, though I
love Sade.
Thanks for sharing. *****
Posted by HowardH on 08/15/2010.
Hey Howie, so glad you liked this one
(^__^) Guillermo and me, we both love
Sade and enjoyed so much this duet, who
knows , more coming maybe? ;)) Gracias
a ti por venir a escuchar y comentar
Howiecillo, ADOTES! ;))
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/31/2010.
I vote "yes" on maybe more coming.

(It's a verb, now! Haha, I like it.)
Posted by HowardH on 08/31/2010.
Posted by glowworm on 08/15/2010.
Oooooh my sweet friend Varinder, what a
lovely comment , thank you soooo much
my dear!!! :):):):)
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/31/2010.
Muchas gracias Moni por aceptar esta
canción, y es que tu voz en canciones
de Sade, de Norah, de Bread de Karen de
muchos siempre es un estilo muy tuyo!!
Mi admiración para ti ...un abrazo y un
beso fuerte :))) Te va muy bien la voz
de Sade, muy sensual ;)
Posted by Guillermo_ on 08/14/2010.
Aaaahh gracias a ti por la sugerencia
cielo, y por acompañarme!! Con lo que
me ("nos" jeje) gusta Sade ;))) que
gusto poder cantarla contigo, y tu voz
para los coros :-o que bueno!! Esto...
que el CD tiene mas canciones *fiu fiu
fiu* jaja La admiracion es mutua, mas
besotes y abrazos!! muaaaaaaahhhhh! :)))
Posted by Fallingsta on 08/15/2010.
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