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Age: 56
Hometown: Comanche Texas
About me:
Single mom who loves music and can't imagine a day without listening or singing to music. Been singing all my life.
Amazing Grace
Daywind Studio Musicians
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Recorded: 03/11/2007
Hi you have a beautiful voice
Posted by alonyo on 09/17/2008.
Well done, very nice voice
Posted by jdb110886 on 09/06/2008.
Hi ..
Well your voice is beautiful,
congratulations ...
By tapping that you have already given
to understand ...
But like much of his voice and
recording ...
Kiss ...
Posted by Ana_Junior on 07/08/2008.
Great song. Amen .
Posted by bhentongbo on 06/12/2008.
so serene...angelic..
Posted by masterdan1 on 03/31/2008.
very soft voice! I love this!!
Posted by love_capri on 03/15/2008.
Thank you so much for your comments. God
BLess you as well!
Posted by songbird on 02/09/2008.
its this song and ur
voice is just like angel....God Bless
Posted by m_kencana on 02/08/2008.
That was a blessing!
Posted by fontno on 12/31/2007.
Lovely jubley! i am listening with
reverb on. Wow!
Posted by fonzie on 12/27/2007.
it's gentle voice
from japan
Posted by Qchan on 09/29/2007.
It's just wonderfull!

=o) sing on and on and on (o=
Posted by SunriseS on 08/23/2007.
Not only are you good looking, you've
also got a great vioce. Thanks for
singing my favorite Gospel song.. If
Elvis were alive today, you'de be part
of his backing group. Give me more
gospel PLEASE!!!!!
Posted by Enoch66 on 08/03/2007.
Thank you very much for your comments!
I'll try to do some more gospel!
Posted by songbird on 08/04/2007.
Wow...perfect voice and song! :-)

1000 stars!
Posted by PattyPecly on 07/30/2007.
nice job, it was so smooth..i like it!
hi, i'm Jenifer and i'm a new comers in
midomi. nice to know you, God bless..
Posted by Jenifer_M on 07/25/2007.
you are really the best........5 stars
from Germany :o)
Posted by pueppi31 on 07/24/2007.
weeeellllll Done!!!!
Posted by meyoncross on 07/11/2007.
Thank you very much!
Posted by songbird on 07/11/2007.
heyy you!!!

i hope u r good and i hope ur nice is
going great ...yalla keep it up!!!dnt
4get to inform us abt ur new songs cuz
im waiting for them.God bless you im
prayin for u .byeezzz
Posted by TanTounano on 07/12/2007.
You have a beautiful voice. It's very
calm and relaxing.
Posted by TheFactory on 07/11/2007.
Thank you so much!!
Posted by songbird on 07/11/2007.
heyyy you!!!!
i dont know you but wht i know that u
r the best!!!
this is my mail
[email protected]
God bless you!!!!!
Posted by TanTounano on 07/07/2007.
Thank you very much for your comments on
this song. It's one of my favorite
gospel songs!
Posted by songbird on 07/07/2007.
heyyy again,i woke everyday and listen
for the charming day ,i mean i open my
day with this song really!!!
Take care
add me on my mail
God bless you
reply backk
Posted by TanTounano on 07/08/2007.
Thanks julo for your comments!
Posted by songbird on 07/05/2007.
Lovely interpretation, delicate and
powerful at the same time. I really
enjoy it!
Posted by julo on 07/05/2007.
Thanks jazzgirl! I appreciate the
Posted by songbird on 06/30/2007.
I've missed this rendition of your, glad
i'm now listening to it. Amazing Grace,
few things are mores amazing than your
voice, so sweet.
Posted by jazzgirl on 06/28/2007.
There's Something In Your Voice That
Make It Different...But Really
You're A Really Good Singer:)
Posted by Karo0o0o on 06/28/2007.
Thank you very much!
Posted by songbird on 06/30/2007.
Posted by Dorcas on 06/28/2007.
Thank you so much!
Posted by songbird on 06/30/2007.
Translation someone please. Thank you
for whatever yo said and for listening
to my songs!
Posted by songbird on 06/26/2007.
Posted by abjrey_22 on 06/26/2007.
Posted by facia on 06/25/2007.
Thank you so much. You are very kind!
Posted by songbird on 06/26/2007.
hi ...u really sing very
well...soothing...great job!!!Keep it
Posted by arlene on 06/24/2007.
Thank you so much!
Posted by songbird on 06/26/2007.
you have a nice voice
Posted by cowboysrom on 06/16/2007.
Thanks a lot!!
Posted by songbird on 06/26/2007.
Thank you for commenting! I appreciate
Posted by songbird on 06/12/2007.
wow GREAT voice......
i'm a new member in this site, but i am
impressed in to ur voice........
i would record some of praises song
have to buy micropone 1st...
Posted by blackzake on 06/10/2007.
I still come back just to hear this one!
Love it!
Posted by Pritchard on 05/26/2007.
I think you are a charter member of my
fan club!! :):) You are so sweet and I
really appreciate your encouragement!
Thanks, my friend!
Posted by songbird on 05/26/2007.
You are great! Very soft voice, so
Posted by donvito on 05/22/2007.
And you are too kind!! THose words mean
so much to me ! Thank you soooo much!!
Posted by songbird on 05/22/2007.
Oh dear, this is better than any Pro
records ever ! In fact, you're are more
than a Pro. Congrats again.
Posted by kleydson on 05/19/2007.
She is beautiful!! I love hearing her
voice. I agree with everyone!

Did you hear my rendition of Amazing
Grace? :o)
Posted by gammy on 05/19/2007.
Wow!! THank you so much for your
Posted by songbird on 06/26/2007.
Wow...... you have a really sweet

I think your rendition is wonderful!!!

You merit 5 star!!!!!!! :)
Posted by Deca on 05/03/2007.
Thank You for your sweet comments! I do
love singing! Please keep recordind as
will I.:)
Posted by songbird on 05/03/2007.
BEAUTIFUL !!!!! did you hear my
rendition? Not as good as yours. You
Posted by gammy on 03/24/2007.
Thanks gammy! I appreciate your
Posted by songbird on 06/26/2007.
so you may also post southern gospel...
Posted by enrico_vn on 03/24/2007.
Thank you so much!
Posted by songbird on 06/26/2007.
I like it! are you a part time singer?
Posted by enrico_vn on 03/23/2007.
Been singing my whole life! sing every
day, all day:) Used to travel with my
dad and sisters singing southern gospel
Posted by songbird on 03/23/2007.
Very well !!!!! Amazing grace is very
well to sing by you !!!! It's pleasant
!! Beautiful !!!!
Posted by t671 on 03/17/2007.
my love! did it again.. ;) do it hundret
times more.. wanna see you at the top of
all lists.. ciao
Posted by dranil on 03/15/2007.
Very nice voice. please sing more.
Posted by 4everrebel on 03/15/2007.
Very lovely! Quite soothing wonderful
tone! Hope to hear more!!
Posted by Pritchard on 03/13/2007.
heyy!!!! just wanna tell u tht u
Posted by TanTounano on 07/12/2007.
Thank you! my e-mail is
[email protected]
Posted by songbird on 07/12/2007.
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