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Age: 31
Hometown: Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
About me:
I love music! Food! Friends! LOUDNESS!!!! I love to have fun, smile and be out-going! Typical Canadian! Everyone love...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 03/07/2007
Notes: Enjoy! I love this song! Makes ya feel all warm and fuzzy, don't it?
I personally feel that this is one of my
weakest songs. A little flat and not as
good as many of my others. Thank you all
for your comments though!!!!
Posted by Pritchard on 03/20/2008.
your voice is not bad! But be honest,
your Irish accent is ;)
Posted by Pamina on 03/20/2008.
I'm actually a Nova Scotian living in
Newfoundland and we sound like Irish
people losing their accents from being
in North America for to long. That is
how i really talk. lol
Posted by Pritchard on 03/20/2008.
Maybe you should go live back in
Ireland, a bit of Europe will do you
good! ;)
Posted by Pamina on 03/20/2008.
Oh god! No, Nova Scotia's a province in
Canada! lol I'm a Canadian Boy!! lol
Posted by Pritchard on 03/20/2008.
ATLANTIC-Canadian that is!
Posted by Pritchard on 03/20/2008.
Damn, will you stop confusing me? :p
damn ^^

first you're american, than canadian,
than an irishman who lives in canada,
than a scottish man and than again a
canadian !

Posted by Pamina on 03/24/2008.
Nope, just a Nova Scotian Living in
Newfoundland. Both are provinces in
Atlantic-Canada. Point is, i speak that
way! lol
Posted by Pritchard on 12/18/2008.
How sweet - you are great at this stuff!
However, when I think of this song, I
think of Steve Martin singing it!

I do like Irish songs, but this one is
a bit of a soppy one - but I think you
do a splendid job.
Posted by w00fdawg on 03/18/2008.
Posted by Naz on 03/18/2008.
Posted by gammy on 03/07/2007.
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