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Ummm, I love singing even know i don't have a "voice" ! I mean sometimes, the fact that you enjoy singing can affect ...  [ more ]
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Recorded: 06/19/2009
Notes: I love this song its very cool !
Definitely not rock
Posted by KettiexD on 08/10/2014.
Posted by lyq920405 on 11/26/2012.
Posted by lyq920405 on 11/26/2012.
It's freaky to hear this song from a
boy,but you're voice it's good!Keep
training your voice! Hope you will
listen to my performs!

Posted by elly_4ux on 05/17/2012.
:-) Nice!
Posted by jennief on 11/25/2011.
is very good。
Posted by abiao00000 on 12/15/2009.
thanks for commenting, glad u like it :)
Posted by BigLover on 08/03/2010.
Love it! 5 stars
Posted by Dordall on 08/21/2009.
thanks a lot :)
Posted by BigLover on 08/03/2010.
I love this song :]
Posted by BlackLips on 07/02/2009.
I love it too, thanks for the comment
Posted by BigLover on 07/02/2009.
wow... you really sound happy and put
some serious soul into this. i love it.
Posted by Saffy on 07/01/2009.
Thanks... i was happy ;)
Posted by BigLover on 07/02/2009.
I'm surprised cause first I thought it
can' be sing by a man ;p
I was wrong, I love it! ;D
Posted by nott. on 06/23/2009.
OMG thanks for the comment ! a lot :)
and yeah.. that was sung by a man lol ;)
Hope u liked it...
Posted by BigLover on 06/24/2009.
cool :d
Posted by thebestman on 06/20/2009.
Posted by BigLover on 07/01/2009.
Its the soundtrack of made of honor.. i
made like a 100 mistakes.. but i always
upload the 1sts shots..
Posted by BigLover on 06/20/2009.
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