Hometown: New York
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone Duet Don Ricardo Garcia
bill withers and don ricardo garcia
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Recorded: 10/11/2006
Your voice is toooo goood :)
Posted by arc196 on 07/07/2008.
very nice voice. it is your own. Haven't
heard a voice like yours I LIKE I LIKE
Posted by nicolebee on 06/25/2008.
wow, uur voice is so powerful!...God
bless you!
Posted by shichibuka on 05/14/2008.
great and sensual voice..the best of
midomì kash!!
you are wanderful!!
thank because you give me emotion!
Posted by BEKANOTA on 05/11/2008.
Posted by soffio on 05/10/2008.
I think you are going to be my second
favorite. Voice is rich and wel trained.
You will be going places with that
talent! All the best to you!
Posted by angie0619 on 10/06/2007.
Again, great job ksh208. And well said
Posted by denn_2003 on 03/14/2007.
I hate how everyone keeps saying "go to
American Idol". Why? So they can take
the best years of your life away from
you and use you as a corporate punching
bag? Why do that to yourself. Your too
good for American Idol anyways. They
always get rid of anyone who has some
unique talent and keep people that can
me made up to look and sound like
everyone else. Fuck American Idol, Do
your own thing.
Posted by MissV33 on 03/07/2007.
That rendition was totally AWESOME!!
Posted by Ortherion on 03/05/2007.
You are awesome! What a rich beautiful
voice! Good job!
Posted by jashaunte on 03/03/2007.
Posted by edawgg34 on 03/01/2007.
sounds rally really good.......
Posted by gerardo on 02/24/2007.
very very very good!!!
Posted by scalixa on 02/24/2007.
*melts* wooooooooooo!
Posted by MJ89 on 02/23/2007.
Wow! You're great, it sounds like the
Posted by donvito on 02/23/2007.
goood joob!!!!!!
Posted by SIMO1988 on 02/23/2007.
Posted by bella_baby on 02/23/2007.
GREAT GIFT VOICE!! i hope you are not
handsome as well!! :p
Posted by stmour on 02/23/2007.
... simply the best!
Posted by jt_kriss on 02/19/2007.
Wow!! more, more.....
Posted by zzy on 02/08/2007.
Posted by paolinux on 02/07/2007.
sooo good!
Posted by lilym on 02/03/2007.
Really Great voice! Adding you to my
Favorites ;)
Posted by HeAtHeR on 02/02/2007.
Posted by Jackie on 10/11/2006.
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