Hometown: Seattle, WA
About me:
Ok.. I'M NOT A FAKE guyz!! itz really my voice xD THX
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Recorded: 10/01/2009
... i guess it is... good job
Posted by intrinsic on 05/21/2014.
There's no way that's your voice...
Posted by KettiexD on 01/03/2014.
Wow what voice
Posted by joshua14 on 01/02/2014.
Posted by Shmeg73 on 01/22/2013.
Ur man or girl?
Posted by Hootowl on 05/28/2012.
Posted by badowns on 03/31/2011.
oh my gosh(: I LOVE THIS
Posted by eminemlove on 02/27/2011.
The next Justin Beiber haha good job.
Posted by eriseD on 01/22/2011.
nice but i wish you didnt have any
background music!
Posted by sk3bbp on 04/15/2010.
wow! one of my favourites song!
u sing absolutely great! :)
kisses from Spain!
Posted by albaaa_09 on 01/30/2010.
Posted by andy_cz on 12/12/2009.
Thats FANTASTIC!! absolutely perfect....
Posted by Anya88 on 11/29/2009.
Absolutely GREAT !!
Posted by amerika87 on 10/31/2009.
nicelisten this performance good
Posted by kryspaul on 10/22/2009.
You're,very,VERY good!
Posted by BiancaNeve on 10/22/2009.
Good singing I think you will sound even
better when you hit puberty. 5 stars!!
Posted by SimonCowel on 10/20/2009.
Posted by prirox on 10/18/2009.
hi,i like your singing very much!
Actually i knew this website almost 2
years ago,but i didn't come to here
until now,very glad to hear such a good
voice!! you're great!!
Posted by britneylee on 10/14/2009.
wow..nice voice!!
Posted by singingbrd on 10/15/2009.
I think I just fell in love.
Posted by Dreamer21 on 10/12/2009.
hears great
Posted by Tong_Li on 10/13/2009.
it´s really you singing?

amazing voice...

i love it...


Posted by Famcr on 10/11/2009.
Kind of Chris Brown, to be honest. Your
control is pretty good. Nice Job
Posted by AdamWu on 10/11/2009.
Oh god... this is my favourite song and
I think u sing it so well! 5 STARS......
its perfect and your voice is GREAT!
Posted by Mimiluke on 10/11/2009.
good! nice control and voice!
Posted by simplicity on 10/09/2009.
You sound great! I hope you are doing
something soon. I'd definitely get your
cd. :) Kudos!
Posted by dtph22 on 10/08/2009.
loving the voice big time
Posted by garbagehuh on 10/07/2009.
you have a really nice voice!! very
smooth!!! 5 Stars
Posted by NaNa18000 on 10/07/2009.
5+5+5+55+5+5... stars!!
Posted by melodi on 10/05/2009.
nice done!!You've a such particular
voice ^^
Posted by SIMO1988 on 10/06/2009.
Wooooa!! ITS SO GREAT..
u'v got a really cute 'n soul voice!
Posted by HiroCamful on 10/02/2009.
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