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Age: 35
Hometown: Västerås
About me:
Check out my band! http://www.youtube.com /roadkilljoey
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Recorded: 06/19/2007
Posted by afw206 on 05/05/2008.
man you are only awesome... I don't
understand why you left the top 3 stars
of midomi...
Posted by D-Press on 04/24/2008.
Mike it is the best interpretation of
this song i have ever heard!!!! Love
Posted by Lenka17_5 on 10/07/2007.
music is great but vocal is a little bit
too nasal for my taste
Posted by raptor on 09/20/2007.
Hi Mike.. U rock! I love you!!!!!
Posted by redtakius on 09/19/2007.
you rule :}
Posted by feer on 09/17/2007.
you rule!!!
Posted by little7577 on 09/09/2007.
You really are great ulike most people
on here keep up with the good work!!!
Posted by sweet_pea on 08/15/2007.
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