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Recorded: 06/24/2008
Notes: A happy song ! :) And the occassional Franky's jump too (luckily he's not as bad as he used to be! ;-)
pero...pero...me habia perdido esto? que
me pasa? haha bueeeno... lo bueno es que
aqui estoy descubriendo y escuchando
màs clàsicos, por cierto, muy bien
cantados Moni... felicidades y el combo
competo... ya te lo sabes :)))
Posted by Guillermo_ on 10/07/2009.
Ahh aquí estaba acatarrada, me acuerdo
jeje Gracias por pasarte, Guillermo sí
que es un clásico! aunque si lees los
comentarios por ahí abajo alguien se
quejaba de los coros ajaja este Hera!
;) Hmm el combo completo! WOW, gracias!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 10/07/2009.
wowwwwwwwwwwwwww nice rendition i really
like ur voice so great friend love
listening to all ur rendition...100
stars for u hug and kisses from me...
Posted by edzcee on 11/04/2008.
Thanks hun, such sweet comment, thanks!
Big hug for you! :)))
Posted by Fallingsta on 11/05/2008.
Monica - this is great! I don't know how
I missed your version, but I'm glad I
found it! I love your voice! Many, many
, many stars of course! :) Diane
Posted by DV8 on 10/20/2008.
Ah I enjoyed singing this song so much,
its a very uplifting tune , although if
you read the comments down there , there
was some gossip about the "choir man"
ahahahha :D
I am more than happy to know you didn't
find him any faults hehehe ;) Thanks
hun! Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!
Posted by Fallingsta on 10/20/2008.
I have to admit I did read those
comments and had a good laugh, but
honestly I didn't find any fault with
his singing. You are the main star
Posted by DV8 on 10/20/2008.
WOW! Again and again !! I will say that
your one of the best!! Wonderful voice!!
5***** for you my dear friend!! Kisses!!
Posted by girlyroy on 07/24/2008.
You're so kind Josie, thank you sweetie,
for your lovely comments!! Kisses!!!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/24/2008.
I love your rendition of this song. In
fact I love all your renditions. Great
singing and even greater talent.
Hugs & Kisses.
Posted by kunidanif on 07/16/2008.
Ohhh sweet kuni, thanks again my dear
friend!! :))))) Your kind and
encouraging words really mean a lot to
me! Muuuchos muchos besos para tí!!
Posted by Fallingsta on 07/16/2008.
Wonderful rendition... strong beautiful
voice, i loved it...5***** for sure!
Hugs and kisses!!! (^_^)
Posted by mitchie on 06/30/2008.
Woow cuantos cumplidos, gracias
mitchie!! :D
Besitos mi cielo!! (^_^)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/30/2008.
Posted by saverio on 06/29/2008.
Gracias Saverio, sabes que siempre me
hace muyyy feliz que me visites, más
besos aquí también para tí! :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/29/2008.
hi! Fallingsta!
You sung with fun this song, I
you always make me happy!
***********stars for you
Posted by rikizo on 06/29/2008.
Rikizooooo!!! :D I was missing you!
Thank you so much for your comment and
the stars and the playlist!! wooow!
You know you always make me happy too!!
*kisssssssss* :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/29/2008.
Oh and Monica i forgot to send you a big
Posted by rosamusic on 06/27/2008.
And I m sending you here more kisses and
a biiig hug too! :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/29/2008.
My dear Fallingsta, i'm like a bad
husband i have to see what my friends
are doing, you wil excuse me bud my work
keeps me on the road bud when i see al
those ratings you did'nt mis me, for a
woman who sings so very wel and again i
have to say make your own "cd". Good
singing my friend i enjoid it...5****
Posted by rosamusic on 06/27/2008.
Ahhh Gege you made me smile, "like a bad
husband! ahahah ;)
Nonono, no worries at all!! Im just so
very happy to see you here when you can,
there's no hurry at all :)
And you're always so kind with me,
thanks again for so many wonderful
comments!! Un puñado de besos!!
Muaaaaaaaaaahh :D
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/29/2008.
I am hooked on ... this rendition.

And yuor backup voice man, he could
start a career on his own... Our jalous
Heracleum should start worrying LOL

Posted by Mike_P on 06/26/2008.
Hey Mike ahahha yes, well, since I let
him go, who knows? ;-P
Naaah Hera is not jealous, are you
cangurito? ;) Although I admit the idea
of firing the "intruder" was his ahahah

Thanks Mike for listening, commenting
and adding it to your list, it really
made me very happy! besos! :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/27/2008.
the backing vocal sounds great, don't
fire him just yet.
Of course.. the main vocal sounds even
Posted by septem2080 on 06/25/2008.
Thanks dewi! Ahah yes, this poor
"unknown" man ;) well, as I mentioned
before, maybe a new version of this song
will be coming soon, lets see how it
goes ! ;)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/27/2008.
HOLA MI FALL, plis traduceme un poco ese
inglés que me cuesta!!!!
preciosa como siempre tu canción, la
conozco entre otros por vonda shepard,
creo que te queda muy pero muy bien este
registro, suena maravilloso!!!!
Si fueras canario...no...ruiseñor..
tampoco...hummmm, mejor digo que he
descubierto un ave nueva llamada
Todas mis estrellas para tí mi linda
Posted by pagarvi on 06/25/2008.
Patriciaaaa!! :D Sí, la canción habla
de que el chico está " colgado de un
sentimiento" ;), no hay nada que el
pueda hacer para pararlo (I can't stop
this feeling deep inside of me) y que
está con un subidón porque es un amor
correspondido! ;)

Vamos que es una canción con final
feliz ejejjeje la chica lo tiene
"I've got it bad for you girl but I
don't need a cure, I'll just stay
addicted and hope I can endure" :)

Gracias por las lindas palabras que
siempre tienes para mí, me haces muy
muy feliz!
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/27/2008.
Oh, my... I run out of words and my mind
goes blank when I listen to you... :/
Ahh, but... poor 'boy', he sounds nice,
I vote for not putting him so down, let
him have the honor of backing you,
hahahaha, he might not have another
chance to be in a recording with such a
star as you! :)) Besides, nothing, I
mean, nothing seems to be able to spoil
anything you decide to sing, heh? ;)
Maravillosa, angelito!
Besitos y más besitos hasta Canarias,
Posted by diva-br on 06/25/2008.
Hola mi sol!! :D Gracias, vida!!
(oops your name backwards, I've just
noticed! :-D kkkkkk) you always so
generous and kind with me, and you added
it to your playlist too!! Gracias!!

Ahaha , I think you already knew that
the "boy" was part of the original
track , didn't you ? ;)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/27/2008.
Seems your backing singer is causing a
lot of controversy - I thought it might
be your fella singing over your

Poor man, he must be feeling quite cut
up by now.
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/25/2008.
Ahahhaa w00fie, actually I thought it
was clear when I said "he was just
there" that he was part of the backing
track! ;) He is a "built in" singer
ehehe but its sooo funny how this kept
going on ahhaha

Aww, and I wouldn't say those things
of the backing singer if I knew him ,
ohh no, I am not that bad, I really
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/27/2008.
Ahahah!! (reading Howie's comment)

Hey hermanita chopped some more wood!
The whole singing is great while you
know I was a little surprised since you
seems to loose your "camionera" power on
a couple of lower notes :0 :) (i mean
"normally" impossible for a señorita

But who.. hey that mistery man, that
intruder there..
you know we don't like him.. fire him!
Posted by Heracleum on 06/25/2008.
Yeees, chop chop chop... Timbeeeeeeer!

You're so right about those two low
notes, not enough beer or smoking lately
ahahaha so the camionera power bar is a
bit red :P
but wait till the next renditions and I
will show you! ;-)

Ohh that backing singer, poor, I'm
afraid I had to let him go, but no
worries, this rendition is going to
have a sequel and another backup voice
is already on the firing line ! ;)

Gracias cangurito!!
sssmuaaaccckksssssssss :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/25/2008.
red power bar!! nooo
ok you know how to recover, so when the
bar will be fully green again, come here
and record a big deep buurp so we will
know that la camionera is back! ...y sin
verguenza!! :D
Posted by Heracleum on 06/25/2008.
Mónica! ♥ ♫ ♥
How lovely to hear you singing! Love
the haronies between you and the mystery
backup man.

Who is Franky? And why does he jump?
Posted by HowardH on 06/25/2008.
Howie, yes, I am coming back, slowly,
but here I am ! :D
Thanks for commenting, its always so
good to read from you!

Franky is my PC (^_^)
He is made from other PC's left overs
ahaha . And he likes to jump in the
middle of my midomi's uploads (he used
to do that a looot in my first
renditions) . The reason, well, its
expected giving his "special" condition
;) but I love him anyway, and I think
he's learning to control himself lately
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/25/2008.
me gustó mucho, cariños mi reina.
Posted by mardulce on 06/24/2008.
Gracias cielo!! Muchos cariños y
besos!! :))
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/25/2008.
Olá, Monica! Você me entende em
português??? Se não entender avisa,
ok?? Eu simplesmente amei sua
gravação. Sua voz é sempre muito
limpa, clara, forte, bela!!!!! Ai, ai!!!
Uma maravilha lhe escutar Moniquinha!!!
Você canta e encanta!!! Um grande beijo
do Brazil direito para Espanha!!! E
muitas estrelitasssssssss!
Posted by Rayo on 06/24/2008.
Holaaaa Rayito! :D Sí, sí que te
entiendo en portugués!! Muuuchas
gracias preciosa, cuántos palabras tan
bonitas y tan dulces!! :)))))))))))))
Gracias por escucharme y por lo de
Moniquinha :D suena tan lindo!! Y
muuuuchos besotes para tí también de
la canarita! ;-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/25/2008.
Oh my, such a cute Sims movie at the top
of the video list! I just want to go and
Sim now, but then I couldn't Midomi!
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/24/2008.
Ahahhaa noooo, stay with us Woofie!!!
don't leave!!! ;-)
By the way, that version on the video
is slightly different to the one I've
always known... hmmm *getting into
detective mode* ;)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/24/2008.
Ideal for your voice - and ooh I get to
comment first - who is your backing

Lovely, melodic singing as ever, sounds
so professional!

What can I say, Mon? Oh I know -
Llorando...... :P
Posted by w00fdawg on 06/24/2008.
Ahhh yes, I was being the first
commenting on your lullaby now too ! ;)
Thanks w00fie, I am so glad to see you
here and that you liked it too, after
that traumatic Coldplay experience

Sí, sí, "Llorando" is coming :)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/24/2008.
Ahh the backing singer , he was just
there ! ;-)
Posted by Fallingsta on 06/24/2008.
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