Back after a 3 year long break..
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Recorded: 10/04/2010
Love this song!
Posted by Minmewsing on 10/06/2015.
you have a great voice !
Posted by tamara290 on 04/20/2013.
Thank you.
Posted by sushmita97 on 04/21/2013.
Hi! I think u have a great voice! I luv
this song. Keep it up!
Posted by angela308 on 07/06/2011.
Thank you Angela
Posted by sushmita97 on 08/15/2011.
Hey my most fav of taylor swift :)other
than 'love story' have a
very seasoned voice for western vocals
......keep singing and posting
sweetheart :)
One suggestion....increase the volume
on midomi recording studio when you post
your song directly .....
Posted by ananya67 on 02/10/2011.
Thanks for the listen and play listing.
Definitely will keep your suggestion in
mind during my next recordings.
Posted by sushmita97 on 02/19/2011.
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